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The Buddhist Channel

Sesshin in Switzerland with Eido Shimano shut down

by Adam Fisher

"After having been informed of Eido Shimanos coming to our centre and being aware of the fact that he is a publicly controversial figure regarding issues of misconduct, I informed him personally, that he had to leave our centre which he did a day after the sesshin had started."




Click on the above thumbnail to view full image.

"Thank you for participating in our O-Higan Zazen-Kai this Saturday, Sept 27th, 2014. It was a very special teisho when Eido Roshi spoke about O-Higan as 'Reaching the Other Shore'. As a memento of this day, here is the photo of our group standing on the Shore with Roshi. Although many of our Sangha friends could not be there for this photo, just remember that were standing there with everyone. There is no separation between us all when we do Zazen."

"Our next Zazen-kai is being worked out for October. As I had mention to you before, we may be doing our next zazen-kai in another facility in the same neighborhood sometime after Oct 15th. Please stand by as we prepare more details for our next announcement very soon. Meanwhile be well and stay in touch. We look forward to seeing you again very soon. Thank you."

[Martin Hara]


Aiho Yasuko Shimano is released from
the hospital on September 29, 2014.



Click on image to enlarge.


"The Rinzai Zen Sangha will host the GOLDEN WIND Zazen-Kai at the Reflections Yoga Center with Ven Eido Shimano as our honored guest."

"Saturday, October 25th, 2014, 9am- 6pm"

"On Saturday, October 25th, 2013, [sic] the Rinzai Zen Sangha will host an ALL DAY GOLDEN WIND ZAZEN-KAI with Ven. Eido Shimano Roshi who will be our honored guest to lead this Sangha occasion."

"This will also be our first Sangha occasion to do our Zazen-kai as Dharma guests at the Reflections Yoga Center of New York City. The address is 227 East 24th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues."




emali from Kobutsu Malone
Paula Tursi,
Founder and Director of Reflections Yoga

"Followers of the discredited Zen teacher Eido Shimano have publicized that they have rented your facility for a public event on October 25th, 2014."

"Can you confirm their assertion?"

"Are you aware of Mr. Shimano's extensive history of sexual predation with specifically targeted vulnerable women?"




“Paula Tursi is the Founder and Director of Reflections Center Yoga and the internationally renowned Reflections Yoga Teacher Training Program. She has been working with alternative healing practices in New York City and internationally for over twenty years."

"Paula developed Reflections Yoga as a way to integrate what she found most inspiring in other practices with her own personal truth. She began her training at Integral Yoga, where she studied Hatha and restorative Yoga. She went on to work with esteemed teachers such as Angela Farmer and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in the art of asana and movement, breath work and meditation. Paula has been voted one of the top ten meditation teacher in NYC.”

“Paula’s work focuses on the alignment of mind and body, understanding that we move not only from our muscles and joints, but also from the support of our inner body.”

“Paula holds a Masters degree in Psychology from Columbia University and a Masters degree in Education from Hunter College. She did her clinical post-graduate training at the Milton H. Erickson Society for Psychotherapy and Hypnosis. Paula conducts biannual Teacher’s Trainings in New York City and Latin America, teaches workshops nationwide and in Europe. She teaches on going classes, holds corporate workshops and offers individual instruction in breath awareness, partner yoga and yoga for body ailments.”

“The Reflections Yoga Teacher Training program is fully registered at the 200 & 500-hour level with Yoga Alliance.”




Paula Tursi, Founder, Reflections Center of Conscious Living, Midtown Manhattan

"Tursi teaches you to engage with your surroundings on the sensory level. Focusing on 'really listening and feeling' is meant to 'pull us out of our minds and into our bodies.' Tursi says 'meditation is not about shutting off thoughts; that would be like asking your heart not to beat. It's about allowing thoughts, but not giving them energy, and instead noticing sensations.' "






- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - --







- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - --



“2. On or about 1993 during my time as Board Member, two female students, from the ZSS’ temples—one of New York Zendo and one of Dai Bosatsu Monastery—reported to the Board that the abbot Eido Shimano had initiated unsolicited and unwanted sexual advances toward them. Eido Shimano confided to me that he had just ended an affair lasting 6 months with one of the female students. I asked him why does he have sex with his students and did he not know that in America it is not acceptable to have sex in cases of: Teacher-student, doctor-patient, and clergy-parishioner. He said he was aware of that, however it was a weakness he had.”

“5. Aiho Shimano—Eido Shimano’s wife, and then-Manager and bookkeeper of the New York Zendo—gave me a cashier’s check she obtained from the bank using the Society’s general funds for $8,000 and instructed me to FedEx it to the female student and the fiancé which Eido Roshi had sex with. I was to include a note: ‘to pay for the psychotherapy.’ ”

“6. The ZSS’ then-lawyer Mr. Robert Greene instructed me on how to prepare a FedEx package that excluded the Society’s return address and not to have any mention of Eido Roshi, and indicated he wanted the package prepared so as not to appear to come from the Society. He Also instructed to Aiho Shimano to obtain the check from the bank as a cashier’s check. Furthermore, Aiho Shimano, Eido Shimano and Wilkie Pretorius convinced the board that this money was to come from the ZSS’ cash funds and a special account where Aiho Shimano deposited the cash donations received at door. I strongly objected to this and advised that Eido Shimano should pay for his own mistakes from his own pocket. However, I was ignored.”

“7. As Ordered by Aiho Shimano And Robert Greene, I Prepared the FedEx Package and sent it to the attention of the student who Eido Shimano had sex with and her fiancé.”

[ See: ]










– against –



INDEX NO. 650025/2013

RECEIVED NYSCEF:  10/22/2014

“4. Defendant claims that the DCA agreements at issue in Plaintiffs’ First Cause of Action are void due to Plaintiffs ‘misconduct’ or because of Plaintiffs’ self-dealing, and that Plaintiffs’ are guilty of being faithless servants. Each of these claims is totally without merit.”

“12. Defendant has engaged in shocking, unforgivable and totally immoral fashion by refusing to make the payments it promised to make, and indeed started making, to Plaintiffs, two of the people most responsible for making Defendant the influential and wealthy institution it has become.”




Martin Hara <[email protected]>

Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 7:02 PM

To: "Zensho Martin Hara ([email protected])"

"...attached is the group photo for your momento [sic] as a thank you for your participation."

Click on the above thumbnail to view full image.

"Thank you for making the Golden Wind Zazen-kai at Reflections Center a beautiful experience."

"Everything worked out as intended. A video copy of Eido Roshi’s Teisho on the website very soon. I will keep you posted when this happens."




Rinzai Zen Sangha ZazenKai

The Rinzai Zen Sangha <[email protected]>

Reply-To: The Rinzai Zen Sangha <[email protected]>

To: Sangha

"Rinzai Zen Sangha



Reflections Yoga Center, NYC

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014, 9am- 6pm

Ven. Eido Shimano Roshi

Honored Guest to Lead this Special Sangha Event.

Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 12:59 AM"

"On Sunday, November 23rd, 2014, the Rinzai Zen Sangha will host an ALL DAY THANKSGIVING ZAZEN-KAI with Ven. Eido Shimano Roshi who will be our honored guest to lead this Sangha occasion. We will be hosted by the Reflections Yoga Center of New York City located at 227 East 24th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues."




Advertisement on NYC Craigslist

[ 20141104_NYC_Craigslist.pdf ]

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Craigslist is a classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, items wanted, services, community, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums."

"Craig Newmark began the service in 1995 as an email distribution list to friends, featuring local events in the San Francisco Bay Area. It became a web-based service in 1996 and expanded into other classified categories. It started expanding to other U.S. cities in 2000, and now covers 50 countries."

Zen Meetings with Eido Shimano Roshi
(New York and the world)


"Thanksgiving Zazen-kai | Sunday November 23rd 2014 | Led by Eido Shimano Roshi"

"Location: Reflections Yoga Center of New York City located at 227 East 24th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues"

"Dharma talk by Eido Shimano Roshi"

"Suggested Contribution: $60. Vegetarian Lunch. Program: 9:00AM-6PM"

"RSVP required"




An email from Genjo Marinello-Osho


Reflections Yoga Center

“I am writing with a concern for your organization and patrons.  Do you realize that there is a teacher renting your space, Eido Shimano Roshi, who is considered by many to be a sexual predator?  He rented space at the Reflections Yoga Center for a public event on October 25th of this year and is scheduled to lead a second event there on Sunday, November 23rd.”   

“If you are unaware of Eido Shimano’s predatory history, please read the book devoted to exposing his behavior titled:  ‘The Zen Predator of the Upper East Side’ written by New York Times reporter Mark Oppenheimer: It is an accurate account of some of his misdeeds, but I can attest that it does not fully represent the extent or depth of his misuse of power, trust and respect given to him as a Zen Master.  I can say this because I was in a position to listen to first hand accounts from former female students who he had cajoled, manipulated, and occasion forced to meet his sexual needs.  I heard these accounts when investigating his behavior as the head of the Ethics committee at his former monastery Dai Bosatsu Zendo (DBZ) Kongo-Ji.  The accounts I was exposed to sickened me and caused me to lose all faith in his capability to rightly continue to teach.  In fact he is no longer allowed to teach in the very monastery he helped found.”



Added 12/17/14



A newly organized Rinzai Zen Koan system for Western students

(Not Final)

Compiled by:

Muishitsu Eido Sotai Roshi

Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji

Livingston Manor, New York

"Again and again I say that there is only one koan. In the Rinzai Zen tradition, Joshu's 'Mu' is considered that one koan. However, one koan has many aspects. Hakuin Zenji divided these aspects into five categories."

"Genuine insight is no other than the realization of zeroness of our being--that is sunyata [Hosshin--Dharmakaya, Category I]. One of the aspects of sunyata is to see the dynamic activity of Dharma [Kikan--Dynamism, Category II]. Still another aspect of sunyata is to appreciate the dialog through verbal expression [Gonsen--Verbal Expression, Category III]. The other aspects of sunyata are so near, hence, easy to miss; consequently, difficult to pass [ Nanto--Difficult to Pass, Category IV]. The last category is Kojo--Endless Integration [Category V], which includes Goi, The Five Ranks and The Ten Precepts."

"Here I have selected about 100 koans but did not categorize them. I am planning to add about 10 more koans from The Transmission of the Lamp in the near future. Also, it is my intention to ask the students to present Jakugo, or 'capping phrases,' for selected koans. At any rate, I am convinced if these are thoroughly digested and looked into with genuine insight, one by one, we can cultivate the perspectives of our vistas. Thus, insight and ordinary life will be, and must be, intermingled."

"Also, as you see, I added Miscellaneous Koans, both East and West (p.2- p.6). I present this to you as an incomplete, experimental  compilation. It is not particularly secret but just to avoid its misuse by a person who either does not have deep understanding in koan practice or does not have enough training with his or her teacher, do not make any photo copies or spread around. I only made ten copies for the monks and nuns ordained by me."

"It is my sincere wish that by the beginning of the 21st Century the final Dai Bosatsu Roku will be compiled for Rinzai Zen practice in the West."

"Muishitsu Eido Sotai Roshi

May, 1990"




This article is an abridged version of an Atlantic ebook. To purchase the full book, click here.

The Zen Predator of the Upper East Side
- The Atlantic -

Nearly 50 years ago, a penniless monk arrived in Manhattan, where he began to build an unrivaled community of followers—and a reputation for sexual abuse. The ongoing accusations against him expose a dark corner of the Buddhist tradition.

By Mark Oppenheimer

DECEMBER 18, 2014

Kobutsu Malone & Mark Oppenheimer
Sedgwick, Maine - September 13th, 2012

"It is a matter of much debate how sexually chaste or continent a Buddhist is supposed to be. The Buddha probably had many lovers, but he is said to have counseled against 'sexual misconduct,' a vague prohibition that is open to wide interpretation. Whether or not Shimano’s behavior ran contrary to Buddhist ethics—and most Buddhists would say that it clearly did—it surely corrupted, and ultimately may have destroyed, his sangha.Yet his community is partly to blame. Shimano’s womanizing was never a secret, but his followers pretended not to see. Then forgave him. They believed him when he promised to change. They made excuses when he did not. When, several times, his behavior got so bad that board members resigned and monks abandoned residential life at Dai Bosatsu, Shimano endured, stayed at the helm, found new recruits. He paid no price."

"The important question for any religious community is not why there are scoundrels—they will always be with us—but how they are dealt with. Not why there is a Shimano, but why his leadership lasted so long. From the first inkling of Shimano’s problem to his final expulsion, the sangha failed for nearly 50 years to confront a sexual predator in their midst. For lethargy and indifference, it is a record to rival that of the Catholic Church toward its pedophiles. There are many reasons for this failure, some of which may be present across religious communities, while others are unique to Buddhism. The case of Eido Shimano can help us understand why religious communities generally, Zen Buddhism in particular, and Shimano’s sangha especially have been so powerless to stop sexual misdeeds."

"There’s little doubt that Shimano was the beneficiary of his own charm and shrewdness. He benefitted from the fear that his power instilled—a fear that silenced critics and even journalists who tried to discover the truth. But he was also protected by factors beyond his control. Zen Buddhism in the United States is a young tradition, with no recognized authorities to provide oversight or discipline. Many practitioners have proved eager to cover for leaders, to protect the reputation of a still-growing tradition. Shimano was also protected at times by a simplistic and sexist opinion that if the sex was 'consensual,' the women he slept with had nothing to complain about. Of course, he was also fortunate to find himself in the company of the kind of people—both women and men—who were attracted to Zen Buddhism. Desperately seeking something, hopeful that they had found it, they proved extremely, perhaps uniquely, willing to forgive."






Abuse of Power

“SHINGE CHAYAT: We couldn't do anything until he was no longer holding all the power. People tried many times. In the seventies, many of us left because there was no way to make any change happen. When I came back in the nineties, it seemed changes had occurred for the better. But really, he still had all the power. When all the power in a community is in one person's hands and that person is supported unconditionally by others, including board members and senior students, there's no way you can say, 'Hey! This is wrong. We have to make some changes here.' It can't happen. Prior boards had tried their best. In 2010, when the revelation of a new relationship came to light, one of the first things we did was ask Eido Roshi to step down as a member of the board. He was the head of the board as well as abbot. With both secular and spiritual dimensions held by the same person, there was no balance of power. The board basically rubber-stamped whatever Eido Roshi said. So the first thing we had to do was ask him to submit a letter of resignation. That happened very quickly, within three weeks after that revelation of the affair. Then we worked with the Faith Trust Institute and asked them to help us get through the next stages, which included not just dealing with the problems that had accrued over decades but also looking at how to avert problems like that in the future.”

[ And yet – two years after the alleged "resignation" at a "Sanmon Gate Ceremony" at Dai Bosatsu Zendo on August 12, 2012. Chayat appears with Shimano, smiling and in full regalia, conducting a public dedication. ]




genkaku-again blog

Commentary on the Winter 2014 Buddhadharma
magazine article (above).

“Like a lot of such 'concerned' Buddhist articles, it's a bit like reading Israel's latest press release about one of their rocket attacks on Palestinians: One point of view is apparently enough when engaging the subject ... what the Palestinians say is irrelevant in the spotlight of righteous and rightful indignation: Not one victim of Buddhist power abuse seems worthy of being included in this concerned forum.”

“ ‘We care,’ the title topic implies, but not enough to include anyone who was victimized. We'll be happy to take the additional sales that are likely to evolve from the topic. We'll be happy to be known as fair-minded and caring Buddhists ... but we will steer clear of the painful core: The victims may be lying after all and we wouldn't like to open ourselves to a lawsuit. We prefer to admit the situation exists and ask the talking heads for their viewpoints within the wondrous construct called Buddhism ... but we will refrain from anything like a gritty compassion.”

“It is a bit like putting a very pretty bandage on a very large shrapnel wound together with the warning, ‘let's not get the bandage dirty.’ ”

“Strange to see -- or maybe not -- institutions and their minions doing what individuals do in tight situations ... excuse their lapses based on sincerity when sincerity that is complicit in some heavy bleeding hardly matters much. Honesty goes begging but ...”

“ ‘We can only do our best,’ the snivelers assert.”

“No one says ‘bullshit!’ because that's not a nice word.”

“But someone's bound to swallow it, I guess.”



Received in email on January 14, 2015


(52 page documernt)

The MU News

by "Jushin" Ted Seaman

email:  [email protected]

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Eido Shimano and the ZSS Cult

Fujin Attale Fromhals

"[Most of this was written years ago, but I have added to it now and then.  Because it is so long, here is the same post in pdf and epub formats.]"

"I lived at DBZ for three and a half years. I wrote about Mr. Shimano before, on an old blog I used to have (also called The Mu News). This was years ago -- before the most recent scandal broke. I had found Mr. Shimano to be a man of dangerous and remarkably deceptive character."

"This had come as a complete surprise, to me. I had been witness to a number of serious abuses -- including what I considered criminal behavior – a woman had been instructed to lie to a donor for scholarship money. I had assumed, at the time, such abuses were the machinations of the nuns -- two women of volatile personalities who were in charge of the day-to-day operations at DBZ. In times of crisis or controversy, this was a widely held view. The idea that Mr. Shimano might be the source of such malevolent notions had never crossed my mind."

“A short while before I left, I had started to attempt to remedy such abuses by bringing them directly to Mr. Shimano. Further, I had suggested, to him, some simple protocol (e.g. documented monastery guidelines, issue escalation procedures) to ensure that such abuses might not recur – or that there would, at least, exist a path toward remedy.”

“I was surprised by Mr. Shimano's reaction. My fees were raised (twice). False, and damaging rumors were spread about me. In dokusan, Mr. Shimano, himself, would occasionally erupt in volcanic rage – sometimes over trifling incidents. My ideas were resisted, and Mr. Shimano, instead, made every effort to ensure that the controlled, secretive atmosphere would remain intact.”

[ "Fujin" Reference : Click Here ]




“Featured Presenter
on January 27, 2015”

“Shinge Roshi, Abbot of the Zen Studies Society, will participate in an interview on January 27, 2015, from 2:00 - 3:00p.m. Eastern Time. Shinge Roshi will share her first-hand experience living through a sangha's pain and confusion caused by misconduct and then leading the re-building of that sangha and its board.”

“Shinge Roshi is also the Abbot of the Zen Center of Syracuse, Hoen-ji. She was the first American woman to receive transmission in the Rinzai School of Zen Buddhism. The Zen Studies Society ( is based at Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji monastery near Livingston Manor, NY and at the New York Zendo Shobo-ji in Manhattan.”

[It needs to be pointed out and strongly emphasized, that “An Olive Branch” has been directly employed by The Zen Studies Society and receives remuneration for their involvement in ZSS business. The group cannot be seen as ‘impartial’ toward parties claiming injury by ZSS since “An Olive Branch” derives income directly from the Society for their involvement in these matters.

“Follow the money trail....”

In a letter to the Zen Studies Society Sangha, Sherry Chayat states on August 5, 2011:

"An Olive Branch has been hired to lead the Facilitated Sangha Discussion by the current Board of Directors of ZSS, which has legal decision-making authority for the Society.”

 See: 20110805_ZSS_Mediation.pdf ]

January 25, 2015

“I am very surprised to learn that, as your first ‘prominent’ spokesperson from the community, you have chosen Sherry Chayat, a long-time student and dharma successor of Eido Shimano.”

“In 2012 she told Jeff Shore, ‘The reason we are in such a mess is that we believed in a manipulative sociopath.’ In 2013 she signed a letter containing these words: ‘While we fully acknowledge and are deeply saddened by this incident [singular!] and allegations of other ethical breaches on Eido Roshi's part, we do remain grateful for his visionary work in founding New York Zendo and Dai Bosatsu Zendo and for his five decades of inspiring teaching.’ "

“I would like to hear Ms. Chayat explain how she could make such seemingly contradictory remarks within a matter of months before she shares her wisdom on rebuilding a sangha ravaged by unchecked sexual predation facilitated by the complicity of members like herself. I think the community would benefit more from Ms. Chayat modeling integrity by owning and explaining her blindspots and denial over decades, and from her stepping down from her all leadership positions.”

Patricia Ivan


January 26, 2015

“Based on the glowing announcement of Tuesday's (tomorrow's) 'webinar' with Shinge Roshi (transmitted Zen Buddhist heir of Eido Shimano and abbot of Zen Studies Society) and her willingness to share her 'first-hand' appreciations of ‘living through a sangha's pain and confusion caused by misconduct and then leading the rebuilding of that sangha and its board,’ I thought the following might be relevant to an open and honest discussion since an authenticated lineage often touted as critical in Zen Buddhism:”

"Myoshin-ji has received many inquiries regarding its relationship with Zen Studies Society in New York ever since the publication on 20 August 2010 of an article in the New York Times regarding the behavior of the Society's former director, Eido Shimano.”

“On the occasion of establishing the Zen Studies Society, Eido Shimano stipulated that the Society was to have no relationship to Myoshin-ji or any other branch of Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhism.”

“As far as Myoshin-ji is concerned, all along it has had no connection with Eido Shimano, his activities or organizations, including Dai Bosatsu Zendo and all affiliated Zen Studies institutions, nor is Eido Shimano or any of his successors certified as priests of the Myoshin-ji branch of Zen or recognized as qualified teachers.”

Adam Fisher


January 26, 2015

“I have received information on your upcoming Webinar from numerous people. I must say that I am stunned and deeply disturbed by your choice of Roko Chayat as a featured presenter.”

“You are obviously very poorly informed about the real situation in selecting Ms. Chayat for this position. I, and many, others (particularly injured survivors of Eido Shimano) are deeply disturbed and profoundly offended by your action in this matter.”

“I have been approached by a number of people asking about my perceptions surrounding your efforts. In all honesty, I have informed people that I can in no way support the efforts of your organization along these lines.”

“I would urge you to become better informed about Ms. Chayat's involvement with Mr. Shimano and her erratic, dishonest, immature, and irresponsible handling of it.”

Kobutsu Malone


January 27, 2015

“First, I am a woman who had to leave residency at Dai Bosatsu Zendo for all the reasons many other woman had to leave. That leaving was layered in slandering of myself and other such typically cruel strategies used by Eido Shimano to disempower such students. This was regardless of having taken vows which include the three refuges of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. I have had long and continued conversations with others so abused within ZZS. Such women (and men for other forms of exploitation) were not essentially more vulnerable than many other students. How vulnerable, for example, must a person feel in order to deny repeated reports of abuse? It is incorrect to say in your description of the webinar that ‘even victims themselves remained silent.’ Every ‘victim’ I have talked to went to great personal length to make known what happened to them.”

“There is a strong tendency to pathologize women who were for the most part in the wrong place at the wrong time. Women have carried the burden of such categorization for long enough. It continues to be interesting to me that even now there is an over emphasis on the ‘victimized women’ over the extreme sociopathic behaviors of Eido Shimano. This continuous labeling of vulnerable, weak, mentally unstable women is only consistent with Shimano's legacy of slander. It includes slandering of men as well.

“Second, choosing Shinge Sherry Chayat for your lead webinar is bothersome. Shinge was one of the last of Shimano's students to take a stand for removing Shimano from ZZS. In fact, back in the 90's [1993] a retreat was offered for women and women victims of Eido Shimano. That retreat was scheduled to take place in a neutral location. However, it was changed by Shinge back to Dai Bosatsu while Shimano was in residence in his upstairs apartment. Several women declined to participate.”

Olivia Perrine






Michael Kieran and Nelson Foster's response to Atlantic article about Eido Shimano

"Aloha Kobutsu,"

“In case this hasn't found its way to you yet, below is a letter Nelson and I recently sent Mark Oppenheimer detailing some errors of fact regarding Aitken Roshi in his ‘Zen Predator of the Upper East Side’.”

“We thought you'd want to know and to possibly include this in the Shimano Archive.”

[See: ]

“We want to thank you [Oppenheimer] for what you've done to expose Mr. Shimano's gross misconduct. Tawdry and sad as the story is, we feel that it needed to come to light and, in the long run if not the short, will serve the interests of Zen in the United States. We strongly concur with your overall assessment that the American Zen sangha has failed to come to grips effectively with unethical and destructive conduct on the part of teachers, and we feel sure your work bolsters the chances that instances of future misconduct will be handled more promptly and successfully. Please read what follows in light of this agreement.”

“We're writing you (not the Atlantic) in hopes of clearing up errors of fact or interpretation with respect to our late teacher and friend, Robert Aitken. We're obviously interested parties in this matter, feeling indebted to him as we do and wanting to preserve his good name, so you have every reason to doubt the view of events we'll offer below. Still, we hope you'll give the points we make careful consideration and, if you tell the tale again, take them into account.”

“In your initial paragraph about Robert Aitken, you speak of ‘his charisma’ as though it were simple fact. But charisma lies partly, if not mostly, in the eye of the beholder, and we wonder what sources described him to you as having a charismatic appeal during the period you're referring to here, when the Diamond Sangha was still in its formative stages. In later years, after he came to be known as Aitken Roshi, we agree, some audiences did perceive him as charismatic. People were likely to do so especially if they knew him only at a distance, looked up to him as a proponent and exemplar of lay Zen practice, enjoyed his progressive stance on ethical and political matters, and relished his books.”

“But when Shimano lived with the Aitkens, all that was far in the future. As you report in the article, his attempts in 1964 to ‘drum up interest’ in Zen practice came to little, if anything, while Shimano in the same period attracted people merely by strolling around Manhattan in monk's robes. If Robert Aitken had perceptible personal magnetism at that time, somehow it had vanished by the early Seventies, when we first got to know him. By then, he was starting to emerge as a Zen teacher yet felt deeply uncertain of himself in that capacity (a fact he later acknowledged publicly, more than once in print) and seemed conspicuously stiff and awkward in social settings. He had no books to his name (the first wasn't published until 1978) and no prominence in Zen circles, either in Japan or in the U.S."




Soen Nakagawa with "Jishu" - 1982

A seven page document from “Jishu” a long time Zen Studies Society student entitled:


Received unsolicited and unannounced
by U.S. Mail on February 4, 2015.

“So in whatever way we have participated in the unfolding of Zen in America, whether through enmeshment with unscrupulous teachers, or lack of compassion for fellow members of the Sangha, or ill will, or any other way, being in proximity to false teachers is a potential cause for the ‘decline in wholesome states’ which the Buddha warns is harmful to us. While we cannot change the past however much we may lament our errors, he tells us that through effort we can see through and abandon what is wrong. He reminds us that forgiveness within the Sangha is essential ‘for growth in the Dharma’. We can practice lovingkindness (metta) right now for the benefit of all beings. He was not born a saint. He had to abandon ignorance through an intensive noble search himself before becoming the Fully Awakened Buddha.”

“In contrast, ordination in Eido Shimano's regime came down to issuing a certificate of completion to monks and nuns after one thousand days. No matter what the level of their understanding or what kind of life they chose to lead afterwards, they were free to go off into the world as representatives of Buddhism with their robes and titles. Similar loose standards are rampant in other communities. No wonder the world is mystified as to what Buddhism actually is!”

“When someone who purports to be a teacher of the Dharma has a callous disregard for the welfare of others, deceives many, refuses to see and repent, cannot go beyond a sense of self, cannot be compassionate, cannot be generous, cannot let go – we have devastation and destruction. This is what he has unleashed on the world and cannot be undone. This is his legacy. The future is unclear in large part because of the choices he has made and continues to make. Even in this lawsuit, he not only wants fulfillment of a contract (drawn up under obvious undue influence and while acting as an unpurified, unrealized teacher) but is willing to destroy the Zen Studies Society through provoking its financial collapse. Does this reveal a noble, spiritually lofty mind; one without ill will; one who has completed the ‘higher training’ of the Buddha; one who has fulfilled the goal of the holy life?”

“What is certain is that he has broken the unwritten contract he had with the Sangha to teach the true Dharma. Dai Bosatsu Zendo and Shobo-ji were built with the hard work, vision, idealism and spiritual hope of many. It would follow that the funds rightfully belong to the Sangha, who donated them for the GOOD OF ALL, not for the self-indulgence of one usurper.”

“Whatever the outcome of the lawsuit, Eido Shimano's karma is his alone. As is ours. We can abandon our faults as the Buddha suggests, turn to the true teachings and practice, and by our own efforts attain emancipation, without any further sense of loss.”

“We recently discovered that Eido Shimano is not on record as a legitimate lineage holder in Rinzai Zen. In addition to this, once we understand that Eido Shimano is not truly enlightened (based on our own sober reflection and reading what the Buddha actually taught) it doesn't take a great leap to question the legitimacy of the dharma successors. Holding on to this 'transmission' despite all the revelations detailed in the archive, and both heard and witnessed through the years, leaves them in a bizarre limbo. It seems an uncomfortably false position to be in not only to accept a misguided, illegitimate man's view that they are enlightened(!), but to derive their status and livelihood from that basis. The Zen Studies Society and the 'heirs' have been oddly silent on this matter.”

“After all the lies and secrecy during Eido Shimano's tenure, there is a particular need for transparency and integrity in the leadership of the Zen Studies Society. Unfortunately this has not been the case under the new abbot. In the only conversation I ever had with Roko, [Shinge Roshi] sometime in the early 1990's at DBZ, she said to me, I had an affair with Eido Rōshi 18 years ago’. She did not tell me this in confidence, but simply announced it out of the blue very openly, which I found odd but refreshing given the more usual secrecy. Now she denies any affair, claiming to a reporter that she had only a ‘passionate embrace’ with him in the summer of 1974. What prompted her to change her story? Considering the fact that she has been presiding over a Sangha devastated by the numerous sex scandals of her predecessor, this failure to truthfully disclose her history with him is a major breach of trust. In an interview for a recent article in Buddhadharma magazine on ‘abuse of power,’ she said, ‘If a teacher is no longer trustworthy, everything is up for examination’. It seems clear that the Board of the Zen Studies Society is remiss in its fiduciary duty to the Sangha in allowing misguided teachers and impure teachings to continue under its watch.”

[Red emphasis added.]


[ In an interview conducted by Mark Oppenheimer with Chayat that appeared in the book “The Zen Predator of the Upper East Side” ]:

Opp: “You didn’t have sex with him?” I asked.

Chayat: “No, it never turned into an affair.”

Opp: “Because people have said …”

Chayat: “No. I had physical contact with him.”

Opp: This was in the summer of 1974, she later told me.

Chayat: “There was a passionate embrace. But it didn’t — I guess I was surprised, but it wasn’t something that harmed me in any way … I was married, he was married, we were both at the monastery. For some reason it never went any further. If I had been given the choice to go further, I probably would have. Everybody was in love with him.”

[See audio entries below (11/22/15) where Shimano admits to having a sexual relationship with Roko Chayat and states:]

"I had many sexual relations with female students."

Eido Shimano

In his own words: mp3

/Audio/Shimano Apology Clip1.mp3




Posted By Patricia Ivan, PhD, MSW
on the
"Connections" blog at
on Sunday February 8, 2015 at 8:48 PM EST

“In 2008 the instrumental Western Zen teacher Robert Aitken unsealed documents indicating that as early as 1964 the ‘Zen Master’ and main teacher at the Zen Studies Society, Eido Shimano, had sexually violated two women resulting in their psychiatric hospitalization. In 2010 the Shimano archive went online with this and other powerful evidence for five decades of sexual predation.”

“In 2013 Sherry Chayat, ‘Shinge Roshi,’ the ‘dharma heir’ of Eido Shimano wrote, ‘we…remain grateful for…his five decades of inspiring teaching.’ ”

“One student reported that when Sherry informed ZSS students of Shimano’s abuse in May of 2010, she explained that he still had the ‘true dharma eye’ and ‘lived in the absolute.’ ”

“But then, in 2012, right before she thanked her teacher for his inspiring teaching, Sherry had told Professor Jeff Shore that her teacher was a ‘manipulative sociopath.’ ”

“What’s going on here?”

“It seems as if Sherry is alternating masks. She puts on the mask of the wronged victim, concerned lest others share her fate, when that mask ‘saves face.’ But she puts on the mask of the ‘Zen Roshi’ and devoted disciple when she wants to assert her continued authority. When that mask became problem again, because it associates her with the man who gave it to her (a man who used his mask to rob others of their dignity and sanity), she switches masks once again.”




Junpo Denis Kelly

Retreats & Events

Hollow Bones

8-Day Silent Zen Sesshin - led by Jun Po Roshi - Dai Bosatsu Zendo, NY June 13-20, 2015

Starting Date: 13-Jun-2015

"Jun Po Roshi and the Hollow Bones sangha will be returning to Dai Bosatsu Zendo for a traditional, silent sesshin."

"You are invited to return home with Jun Po to Dai Bosatsu Zendo in the Catskill Mountains of New York state to attend the sesshin that Jun Po will be leading from June 13-20, 2015."

     "The room and board fee is $750." 

"You will be asked for a donation at the end of the retreat to support the teaching."


Myōshin-ji (妙心寺 Myōshin-ji ) is a temple complex in Kyoto, Japan, and head temple of the associated branch of Rinzai Zen Buddhism. The Myōshin-ji school is by far the largest school in Rinzai Zen, approximately as big as the other thirteen branches combined: it contains within it about three thousand five hundred temples throughout Japan, together with a handful overseas, of the approximately six thousand total Rinzai temples, and also has nineteen associated monasteries, of the total of forty monasteries and one nunnery.


Myoshin-ji school of Rinzai Zen Buddhism.

December 19th, 2012

“Myoshin-ji has received many inquiries regarding its relationship with the Zen Studies Society in New York ever since the publication on 20 August 2010 of an article in the New York Times regarding the behavior of the Society's former director, Eido Shimano.”

“On the occasion of establishing the Zen Studies Society, Eido Shimano stipulated that the Society was to have no relation to Myoshin-ji or any other branch of Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhism.”

“As far as Myoshin-ji is concerned, all along it has had no connection with Eido Shimano, his activities or organizations, including Dai Bosatsu Zendo and all affiliated Zen Studies Society institutions, nor is Eido Shimano or any of his successors certified as priests of the Myoshin-ji branch of Zen or recognized as qualified teachers.”

[See 19821019_ZSS_Press_Release.pdf for the official ZSS "Declaration of Independence" announcement]




From: Zen Studies Society [email protected]

Subject: An Urgent Message From Shinge Roshi

Date: March 7, 2015 at 1:25 PM

"Last week, one of our two 35-year-old wood-burning boilers dramatically and abruptly ceased functioning. The other is not dependable. Daytime temperatures on the mountain hover around -5 degrees even in early March; despite how carefully we have tried to baby these old boilers, parts are failing, and quick action must be taken. We knew this time would come, but we had hoped to get through another season."

"During the past year, our Sustainable Energy Committee, guided by professional energy consultants, reviewed a wide array of options to determine the best environmentally sound, sustainable boiler to meet our needs far into the future. We decided on a woodchip biomass boiler manufactured in New York State. With the quote in hand ($163,000), we obtained leadership gifts from long-time Dharma friends for half that amount, and had planned to continue using the current antiquated boilers through this spring. We knew we would need to raise $150,000 more to cover the remaining cost of the boiler, rebuilding the main chimney, necessary insulation of the building, reengineering the boiler room area, and retrofitting our wood shed for storing wood chips. We had hoped we could accomplish the fund raising over the course of the summer."

"However, with this breakdown, we must raise the additional funds now, so that the new system can be installed as soon as possible. The manufacturer has offered to discount the price by $10,000 if the equipment is ordered by March 21."


Biomass Energy Resource Center

Wood-Chip Heating Systems

A Guide For Institutional and Commercial Biomass Installations


By Timothy M. Maker

A 93 page book originally prepared for The Coalition of Northeastern Governors Policy Research Center Washington, D.C. 1994

The book points out:

"The Importance of the System Operator"

"The person who will actually be responsible for keeping the biomass system operating every day is a very important player. The long-term success of the biomass project depends in large part on how well this person likes the system, and how comfortable he/she feels running it. If the operator finds the system an imposition, a hassle, or a burdensome responsibility, it is unlikely that the system will function well. With an uninterested or hostile operator, systems tend not to get cleaned regularly - resulting in ash buildup and increased fuel consumption. If an oversized wood chip jams an auger, the operator plays a key role in restarting the fire. An uninterested operator may leave the system idle and let the backup fuel system take over. In either of these scenarios, the value of the investment in the wood system is degraded, and the anticipated energy savings may not materialize."

"The potential system operator should be involved at the earliest point. It is particularly important that the operator be included in site visits to existing biomass-fired facilities and have the opportunity to talk to the system operators. The operator or chief of maintenance should be consulted by the project team on issues related to the daily operation and convenience of the biomass system.”




"Project Reason is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation devoted to spreading scientific knowledge and secular values in society. The foundation draws on the talents of prominent and creative thinkers in a wide range of disciplines to encourage critical thinking and erode the influence of dogmatism, superstition, and bigotry in our world."

"I can remember decades ago an argument between Eido Shimano and Taizan Maezumi before they were given the title Roshi that happened in a back room of Zenshuji Temple in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. Both of them were arguing which one of them should be given the title Roshi first from the two teachers Yasutani Roshi and Nakagawa Roshi. This gave me a clear indication that neither one should be given any kind of transmission until they got their act together. You have to remember that most of these guys came over to the United States in the 1960s when sexual promiscuity, drugs and all other sorts of things were involved. Most of the cases I knew, almost all of them of sexual involvement with Zen teachers was fully mutual. Everyone was also aware of several of the teachers having very serious alcohol abuse problems. It is interesting to note and something that I brought up over 25 years ago that some of the female Zen teachers of today were intimate with the Roshis who gave him [sic] transmission. One of them was perfectly happy to look the other way until the teacher got his grubby little hands on her 16-year-old daughter. Then she became horrified at the terrible situation and renounced her relationship with them [sic] but kept the title. In this case she didn't have relations with them, [sic] but there are several others who did."



DBZ Shimano Letter 110215.pdf From: Xxxxxxxx <xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxx.xx>
Subject: Fwd: A Letter from Eido Roshi
Date: November 2, 2015 at 1:12 PM
To: Kobutsu Malone <[email protected]>
Begin forwarded message:
From: The Zen Studies Society <[email protected]>
Subject: A Letter from Eido Roshi
Date: 2 Nov 2015 18:13:47 CET

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Dear Sangha and Dharma Friends:

Eido Roshi has written a letter and has asked that it be made available to you.

To read the letter, click this link .

Koge Louise Bayer
Board of Directors
The Zen Studies Society



Eido Shimano 110215.pdf

"My wish is to express my ignorance and sincere regret for hurting the hearts of the Sangha. It is my hope that through this face-to-face meeting, our heavy burden can be laid to rest, for you and for us all."

November 2, 2015

Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters,

We never know when our departure day will come. Now, at the age of 83, I am more aware than ever of the transiency of life.

In addition, Aiho has been seriously ill for over a year.

I would like to meet with you face-to-face on Saturday, November 21, to speak openly from the heart. I know that many of you discontinued your practice at the Zen Studies Society, but I hope you will participate in the meeting, from 2 to 5 p.m.

Judy Chang, minister at All Souls Unitarian Church, is kindly making her chapel available to us for this. The address is 1157 Lexington Avenue (at 80th St.), New York City.

My wish is to express my ignorance and sincere regret for hurting the hearts of the Sangha. It is my hope that through this face-to-face meeting, our heavy burden can be laid to rest, for you and for us all.

Gempo Roshi said again and again, "Human beings are emotional beings." I now understand this golden teaching at last.

Eido Tai Shimano



Facilitation for Nov 21 Meeting.pdf

Hickey, M. Christine

Suite 711

120 E Washington St

Syracuse, NY 13202 -4000

Phone: (315) 422-9756

Fax: (315) 479-5651

Re: Christine Hickey, Mediator

Family and Divorce Attorney-Mediator

Syracuse, New York Area Alternative Dispute Resolution

Christine's approach to mediation has been partly formed by her experience as a lawyer with families in litigation and by her personal experience as a step-parent. Mediation, though not counseling, recognizes the emotional strains that exist when a family tries to create a workable plan for the future. In mediation, you are encouraged and supported in your efforts to continue to work together.

Since 1990, Christine has limited her practice to divorce and family mediation and law guardian representation. She was the 1994 recipient of the Michael F. Dillon Law Guardian Award in recognition of her legal work on behalf of children. Christine established and incorporated Central New York Mediation Services, Inc. in 2000. She is an Accredited Member of the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation (NYSCDM) and an Advanced Practitioner Member of The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR). Christine served on the Board of Directors of the NYSCDM and as Co-Chair on the Education Committee from the mid-1990s through May 2012. For 10 years, she taught Mediation in Family Law as an adjunct professor at the Syracuse University College of Law. Currently, Christine chairs the Steering Committee of the New York Institute for Family and Divorce Mediation, an organization she co-founded that has set a new standard for high quality training and education of family and divorce mediators in New York State.

"Dear Sangha and Dharma Friends,

As many of you are aware, Eido Roshi wrote a letter to our Zen community wishing to create an opportunity to speak from the heart and to offer his sincere regret.

This meeting is an important step toward the possibility of healing for those who have experienced harm and for the community as a whole."

"Recognizing the sensitivity of the issues, the need for candor, and the need for creating an emotionally safe environment to have these conversations, the Zen Studies Society has engaged a professional facilitator for the meeting, Christine Hickey, who has taught mediation and conflict resolution for 10 years at Syracuse University College of Law, and has given seminars for a variety of professional organizations in the area of conflict resolution and associated topics. Chris is not a member of the Zen Studies Society or a student of Zen Buddhism, and has no connection to either Eido Roshi or to any current or former members, other than being invited to participate as a facilitator.

You will have an opportunity to speak to Eido Roshi in the presence of supportive friends and members.

Eido Roshi will also have opportunities to express his thoughts and feelings both by way of addressing the topic and in response to those who attend.

Chris will help everyone listen deeply to one another by paraphrasing or clarifying when necessary, and by maintaining a respectful structure throughout the afternoon."





( 7 pages )

"Having served on the Board of the ZSS (2006-12) before and during the crisis that started on June 21, 2010, as of today, I’ve never gone public on the Internet or blogs or the infamous Shimano Archives in any way. It didn’t seem right. There were too many people opining who had no real knowledge of the facts, plus others with axes to grind. "

"The last time the entire ZSS sangha was called to a special meeting like this was in July of 2011 to hear 'an important announcement' from Eido Shimano. (see attachment, #1). The problem with this statement is that it was proven totally false. After announcing his retirement, Mr. Shimano left and went directly to Europe to hold sesshin, and since then he has actively cultivated a group of student followers (many of whom were at the July 2011 meeting and heard this announcement.) This fact alone would make me skeptical about another special meeting of the Sangha, but there is more."

"The real reason for that meeting quickly surfaced. Mr. Shimano, along with his supporters who were a vocal majority, tried to force those directors of the ZSS Board in attendance to have an immediate public vote on amending a recently adopted Board Access Policy. That July day the Board ultimately decided there would be no vote. It was against the ZSS By-laws to have a meeting with no prior notice and not all directors were there to waive that provision. In addition, as president, I felt it was totally out of bounds for anyone to try to coerce the Board this way. That’s when homophobic slurs and threats of violence started. Someone grappled with Kanze (R.I.P.) who was trying to protect others. A video recording of this chaotic scene was taken by Zensho Martin Hara."

"Thus, we need to be wary of what will transpire on the 21st. We can’t let Mr. Shimano control the agenda or his followers to pack the meeting. So I urge all who want the Zen Studies Society to flourish to come to All Soul’s Episcopal Church on Saturday afternoon."

"We also can’t allow Mr. Shimano to give another generic apology. (See attachment, #2) To regain our credibility in the contemporary Buddhist community and the wider cyber-connected world the Society needs to totally clear the air of past cover-ups, lies and downright dishonesty (e.g., Roshi-letter 2/1). There will be no healing and no real peace until Mr. Shimano comes clean and rectifies as much as he can of the hurt he has caused the present and historical sangha. If he remains stuck in the belief that he himself is simply one of the injured parties with no attempt at taking responsibility for specific things he did and said; then there’s no hope for real reconciliation. Making amends means talking to real individuals, apologizing in private, not uttering generalities in open meetings."

"Some will say, hey Soun, it’s time to forgive and forget. Yet we know those who ignore the past are certain to relive it. Of course, I’d like to see a final peace descend over our still active sangha. But not at the cost we will incur if we let Mr. Shimano get by with a general apology, skipping over all particulars.  There are some specific names and dates I know I’d like to ask him about. Maybe Mr. Shimano is planning on holding private meetings with those he has used and hurt; perhaps he already has. I hope to hear that at the meeting."

"Soun Joe Dowling"




Shimano Apology A1.mp3

Shimano Apology A2.mp3

Shimano Apology B1.mp3

Shimano Apology B2.mp3

Raw audio recordings of above meeting:
All Souls Unitarian Church Chapel, 1157 Lexington Avenue (at 80th St.), New York City. Saturday, November 21, 2015.

Source Anonymous

TAPE #A2: 12:15 Mark.

"I had many sexual relations with female students."

Eido Shimano

In his own words: mp3

/Audio/Shimano Apology Clip1.mp3





Sweeping Zen

November 23, 2015 at 8:22 pm

"Now when the meeting is over we hear that author of above letter [ Former ZSS BOD President - Soun Joe Dowling ] was asked to leave the chapel where meeting was held because of disruptive and angry behavior. well … judge for yourself."




Comment by Genjo Marinello
posted to Zen Forum International
November 24, 2015

"One of the most interesting revelations coming out of this event is Eido Shimano admitting, apologizing for and warmly remembering his past affair with the current abbot and Roshi of DBZ and the Zen Studies Society, Shinge Roko Sherry Chayat. Shinge was hand selected to be the next abbot by Eido Shimano and now I better understand why. Shinge has repeatedly denied that she ever had an affair with Eido Shimano. She told this lie to me on multiple private occasions, in public on multiple occasions, and shamed other women when she denied to them that she had told them at one time the truth about a previous affair with Eido. Shinge said that she was starting her new administration with honesty and transparency. I could care less that she had an affair with Eido Shimano, but to lie to the sangha and the public is inexcusable, and I believe she now has no credibility to lead DBZ or ZSS. She could have used the truth for healing, instead she choose to protect herself and be loyal to Eido Shimano."

In his own words: mp3

/Audio/Shimano Apology ROKO A1.mp3

Genjo Marinello is Abbot of Dai Bai Zan Cho Bo Zen Ji (Chobo.Ji) temple, Scanlc, USA; psychotherapist and certificated spiritual director.




Comment by Genjo Marinello
posted to Zen Forum International
November 24, 2015

"Here are another couple of points about what I heard in the recordings...

1) Eido starts out by giving a lot of praise and gratitude to his chief benefactors that allowed DBZ and the Zen Studies Society to develop. Without Chester and Dorris Carlson DBZ could never have been built. However, as was pointed out by others at the meeting, he should have started out with an apology to his benefactors who came to regret their gifts because of Eido's many misdeeds.

2) The first person to speak was the current head monk of DBZ, someone who has long loved, admired and trusted Eido Shimano. Jodo dramatically told the story of how her practice was destroyed by the 2010 revelation that Eido was still having sexual relations with students. I find it interesting that a woman who was never sexually approached by Eido was the first person to 'confront' him about his misdeeds. To me her dramatic presentation felt a bit staged, which is not to say I don't see the great harm that came to her by his betrayal of her trust. She went on to say that she had been waiting for five years for this deep apology, but it is clear from the recording that Eido found it hard to admit the harm he had done to someone's practice whom he didn't make any moves on. Junpo, Eido Roshi's first Dharma Heir, kept trying to speak for him, but anyone listing can hear it was like pulling teeth."




Facebook comment by Genjo Marinello

November 25, 2015.  10:29PM

“I've just listened to the last two Installments of the recording of this event (posted just above this comment) and I feel disgusted. I heard not one woman speak that was directly used sexually by Eido Shimano, except for Shinge who spoke last. She assured us if we could all just be honest and come from our hearts we could all heal together. Of course she was hand picked to succeed Eido Shimano, and lied about her own affair with him for years, waiting for him to expose it at this event. I don't know, but it seems to me he threw her under the bus, as he has done to so many others. She asked the group if she should resign.”





           Could you please post my letter to the Zen Studies Board of Directors. [To the Shimano Archive ] Thank you so much.

With gratitude,


Timothy P. Hayes, Ph.D."

"I write to you with grave concern for your current Abbott, Roko Sherry Chayat. Roko married my wife and I in the first wedding at the Zen Center in Syracuse. I studied with her for 6 years, and also attended 2 sesshins at Daibosatsu. I was able to sit and listen to Eido Shimano during my stays."

"My profession is as a Clinical Psychologist in Syracuse NY. I was deeply disturbed when the revelations of Eido Shimano's sexual exploits became public. The behavior he exhibited during that time period and over the years is consistent with a psychopath. The manipulation of people for his own gratification, the abuse of his own teacher, the manipulation of monies of the Zen Centers all point to a psychopath."

"One of Eido Shimano's chief enablers now appears to be Roko Sherry Chayat. She selfishly only has a concern about her own supposed advancement. In my opinion, the Zen practice in the Catskills and Manhattan is internally corrupt, and beyond repair with Roko at the helm."

"I hope you see fit to dismiss her. There needs to be a clean sweep of anything connected to Eido Shimano in order for Daibosatsu to survive in my opinion. Please do the right thing for all the honest and sincere seeking students! Please don't let students be polluted anymore. It's within your power to change things."




From: Brenda Miller [email protected]
Subject: could you post this letter, too?
Date: December 21, 2015 at 10:40 AM
To: [email protected]

Dear Kobutsu,

It is difficult for me to express just how much I don't want to have my words out on the Internet, let alone on the shimano archive! Yet, as a current resident of DBZ and student of Shinge Roshi, I feel that if you would be willing to post this letter I have written, I would be grateful to have added something to the fray that speaks of our true practice here and now.

Thank you for your generous service to the Dharma in maintaining this archive, difficult and painful as it must be at times.


Myoho Brenda Miller
Sent from my iPhone

"This year Rohatsu Sesshin was the strongest sesshin in which I have ever participated. Shinge Roshi showed us her guts, held back nothing in her teishos. Same with those giving Dharma talks. Honest human beings engaged in and encouraging us to ‘cut off our lives at the root’."

"I spoke out at the informal meal afterwards because I was so moved by the strength, the courage, the compassion, the fair-mindedness of Shinge Roshi. To become abbot of this place at a time of such turmoil, when the entire sangha seemed to be running away—some because Eido Roshi was gone and some because he hadn’t been sent away sooner—has to be the hardest job on planet earth. Worse even than being president of the United States! I can’t imagine why she would even want it with such a wonderful home in Syracuse and a thriving temple and sangha at Hoen-ji. Why would she throw herself into this bottomless pit of lawsuits and venemous web postings constantly attacking her, attacking us?"

"Timothy Hayes says it is 'concern about her own supposed advancement.' I asked her once why, seeing her literally put her health and her life on the line for this place, for her students, over and over. She answered, 'Love'."

"I attended the November 21st meeting in NYC, called for by Eido Roshi even though we had a full house for 'Intro to Zen' that weekend because I didn’t want to miss witnessing someone truly making amends for harms done. Instead, Eido Roshi threw Shinge Roshi under the bus within the first moments of the meeting. He named her as one of his victims. No one else has been called out by name. If any other female student who had been ‘manipulated for [Eido Roshi’s] own gratification' had been called out by name, there would have been outrage towards him and full kindness and support and apologies for the ‘outed’ woman."

"But because it was Shinge Roshi who had undergone years of being beligerently badgered by others with this question, and through her own discernment had held fast, suddenly, people like Timothy Hayes are calling for her to be dismissed."

"I wish all of you could have heard her teisho on the third day of Rohatsu sesshin. Her comments on Case #41 of The Iron Flute were powerful. She recited the poem that Tozan Ryokai composed after his enlightenment. And then, she showed us her tonsils. She told her story. Her struggle with the koan, the question, ‘Did you have have sex with Eido Roshi’. She told us the story of that night. What it meant to her to hear him say, 'Don’t ever tell anyone…' ”

"We are led by a true zen master. A woman who has dedicated her entire life to the Dharma. A woman who no one would have faulted if she had chosen to walk away, 'retire', years ago but hasn’t. A woman who can hold gratitude towards her own teacher for his service to the Dharma while also recognizing the enormous harm caused by the same human being. And now, we know that all this time, she has also been holding this impossible koan of that night in May of 1975."





Index No. 650025/2013

- against -


"IT IS HEREBY STIPULATED AND AGREED, by and between the parties hereto, through their undersigned attorneys of record, that the above entitled action shall be and is hereby discontinued with prejudice, and that each party shall bear its own costs and attorneys’ fees."

"Dated: New York, New York
December 31, 2015"




From: Zen Studies Society <[email protected]>
Subject: Happy New Year
Date: January 4, 2016 at 7:18:29 AM HST
Reply-To: [email protected]

"Finally, in the last week of 2015, an ongoing challenge was overcome: the years-long legal dispute with former Abbot Eido Shimano Roshi was resolved. The settlement, which was reached with the assistance of a professional arbitrator, demonstrates the ongoing governance of ZSS based on Buddhist principles and organizational Best Practices, and has helped secure a bright future for our temples and our Sangha."




From: Zen Studies Society <[email protected]>
Subject: Happy New Year
Date: 2016 at 9:18:27 AM PST
Reply-To: [email protected]

"Finally, in the last week of 2015, an ongoing challenge was overcome: the years-long legal dispute with former Abbot Eido Shimano Roshi was resolved. The settlement, which was reached with the assistance of a professional arbitrator, demonstrates the ongoing governance of ZSS based on Buddhist principles and organizational Best Practices, and has helped secure a bright future for our temples and our Sangha."

"Our growth, depth of practice, and momentum in 2015 were remarkable. And now, in the coming year, we will celebrate an important milestone: the 40th anniversary of the formal opening of Dai Bosatsu Zendo on July 4, 1976. Our Anniversary Sesshin will conclude on Saturday, July 2, with a talk by honored guest Shunan Noritake Roshi, Abbot of Reiun-in, Myoshin-ji, Kyoto; July 3 will include presentations, musical performances and a celebratory dinner. At dawn on Monday, July 4, we will walk to the Sangha Meadow to pay homage to honorary founders Soen Nakagawa Roshi and Nyogen Senzaki, and will circumambulate Beecher Lake."




Quarterly newsletter featuring announcements from the ZSS Board.

“ZSS as an organization has restructured itself to provide checks and balances between the Board and Executive. For example, in the bylaws revised in 2013, the Abbot serves on the Board of Directors ex-officio, and is no longer the Board chair. Standard policies are in place for selection of Directors, whistleblower protection, record keeping, and prevention  of financial conflict of interest.”

“The finances of the organization are now run professionally, all operations are consolidated, and regular reports are made to the Board.”

“Through diligent and methodical research on the part of Directors, we have monetized an asset at our beautiful city temple, Shobo-ji, which will not change its existing structure, and is indeed without form, in true Zen spirit: the asset of light and air. The sale of a light and air easement to a neighbor will produce sufficient  funds to allow the organization to make much-needed repairs, meet current legal obligations, and seed an endowment.”

“We will further augment the endowment with a professionally organized and sustained fundraising effort, our $100,000 for 100 Years Campaign: 40 Years of DBZ and 60 Years of ZSS = 100 Years. We are kicking this campaign off with the goal of raising $40,000 by July 3rd, to celebrate the formal opening of DBZ 40 years ago. Please contribute!”

“Through significant time and effort over the past five years, ZSS has finally resolved legal matters with the Shimanos by using a process of mutually agreed-upon arbitration.”

“Eido Shimano has publicly admitted to years of sexual misconduct with his students. As complicated and divisive as this major issue has been for the wider Sangha, his statement has put to rest the argument over whether or not it happened, and has allowed all to move forward with full acknowledgement of the truth.”



Roko 05-07-16.pdf

Letter from Roko Sherry Chayat


Eido Shimano

"I would like to invite you and your Sangha to a special private commemoration on July 4. 2016. from 1 to 5 p.m. in honor of the Fortieth Anniversary of International Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji."

"As I mentioned when we met at Shobo-ji, due to the unwillingness of many special guests and speakers to come if you were present, we moved our public commemoration to July 3. That way, we can acknowledge you for your great accomplishments on the actual anniversary date."

"I am sorry that there is continuing ill will toward you in the hearts of so many people; this arrangement seems to be the best solution."

"I send my warmest wishes, and hope that you and your students will be able to come on the afternoon of July 4."



DBZ email 5-10-16.pdf

From: Martin Hara

Sent: viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016 03:33 p.m.

To: Shinge Roko Sherry Chayat

Cc: 'Zensho Martin Hara ([email protected])'; Jikyo Bonnie Shoultz ([email protected]) ; Choren Karin Drew ([email protected]); Choshu Joseph Buxbaum ([email protected]); Koge Louise Bayer ([email protected]); Hokaku Judy Chang ([email protected]); ZSS Board of Directors ([email protected])

Subject: July 4th Event at DBZ

Remarks by the Ven. Shunan Noritake Roshi,  Abbot of Reiun-in at Myoshin-ji, Japan

"D.T. Suzuki's Approach to Zen Practice," by Richard Jaffe, Associate Professor and Bass Fellow, Department of Religious Studies, Duke University

Keynote Address by David Loy, author of A New Buddhist Path: Enlightenment, Evolution, and Ethics in the Modern World

Performances by Shakuhachi Grand Master Nyogetsu Ronnie Seldin; the Aikawa Jazz Duo; and guitarist Anthony Bez

4:30 p.m. Celebration Feast

You are welcome to stay overnight for a dawn walk on July 4 to the stupa of Nyogen Senzaki and Soen Nakagawa Roshi, honorary founder of Dai Bosatsu Zendo, followed by a silent walk around Beecher Lake and an informal breakfast.

We request the favor of your response by June 1, 2016.



Shimano Chayat 05-20-16.pdf

Email via Martin Hara from Eido Shimano


Roko Sherry Chayat

"Right now, both Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji and New York Zendo Shobo-ji are like barren deserts, waiting for drops of rain." 

"I will attend the July 4th afternoon Event at DBZ with the request that there will be drops of rain, consisting of two periods of Zazen."

"No festivities or entertainment is necessary. Just pure sitting to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of International Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji."

"This is the best way to express our gratitude and the only way to reciprocate the original purpose of DBZ: 'Let True Dharma Continue'."




Facebook posting by

Genjo Marinello

May 21, 2016

“Here is new entry in the Shimano Archive which proves that the Dai Bosatsu organization and the current abbot Shinge Roko Sherry Chayat are still enmeshed with the disgraced retired founding Abbot Eido Shimano. To invite him as a priest with 'his sangha' to come to a 'private ceremony' and sit at DBZ is an insult to all those that he has harmed there over the decades. If he laid down his robes and stopped teaching, I think it might then be acceptable to honor him for his contributions to the founding of the temple. At least Sherry has yet to invite him to resume teaching, and I seriously doubt she would go that far.”




GENKAKU-AGAIN (adam fisher)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

the resurrection of Eido Shimano

the resurrection of Eido Shimano

"If you wait long enough, the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler will be remembered for creating the autobahn, for conceiving the Volkswagen and for restoring the stature of a Germany battered by World War I. The mercilessness of World War II that Hitler stoked will become a footnote -- an oh-well -- if you wait long enough."

"And so it probably is with all events. Harboring critical thoughts takes energy. Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu's treatment of the Palestinians is -- oh well -- an acceptable approach, however Hitler-esque it may be. He may not have an autobahn in mind, but he certainly has proven his willingness to build housing projects without much consultation."

"And now too, Eido Shimano's questionable and self-centered activities can be relegated to an oh-well status too as time passes."

"Shimano was an expositor of his version of Zen Buddhism in America. He was part of the effort that created a Zen temple in New York City and a monastery in upstate New York. He was brought down and expelled after his shoddy treatment of various women students came to light. His financial shenanigans were never fully investigated. His expulsion meant that, since he had no lineage on which he could base a connection to the Zen establishment, he became an old man on a mostly-deserted island."

"But now, with the passage of time, his resurrection is at hand. In connection with the anniversary celebrations planned at the Dai Bosatsu monastery Shimano helped to build, the current abbot, Roko Sherry Chayat has invited (May 7, 2016) Shimano to be part of the occasion, albeit a shadowed participant."

Statement on "Fair Use"

According to the “Fair Use” clause of International Copyright Law, the author declares that the use of the photos/images/audio/video/information in this academic/reference/scholarly work is for purposes of “criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research” according to 17 U.S.C. § 107. - Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use, U.S. Copyright Code. The resulting work on The Shimano Archive is a creative endeavor with value added through unique and original selection/arrangement of factual material and information, critique, expression, and classification of information.

Fair Use Video and Audio Clips – With One Stroke A Mandala - © 2002 Ellen Darby Video Works (Shimano Auto-Hagiography)
The Buddhist Way of Life - © 2006 The Society for the Promotion of Buddhism (Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai)
Zen In America - © 1992 Ron Myrvik Productions (ZSS Promotional Video)
Robert Baker Aitken, Rodaishi - Final Interview - K. Malone (Audio [complete] – 8/2/10 - by specific invitation of Aitken, Rodaishi)
Robert Baker Aitken, Rodaishi - Final Interview – Lynn Davis (Video [partial] – 8/2/10 - by specific invitation of Aitken, Rodaishi)
Genjo Marinello, Teisho Excerpt - Bodhidarma and Peace of Mind - Chobo-Ji's Podcast Sat. 8, January 2011
Genjo Marinello, Teisho Excerpt - Boulders stuck in the Stream of Dharma - Chobo-Ji's Podcast Sun. 29, May 2011
Genjo Marinello, Teisho - Who Deserves to Receive Offerings? - Chobo-Ji's Podcast Sun. 5, June 2011
Genjo Marinello, Teisho Excerpt - The Four Views - Chobo-Ji's Podcast Sun. 10, July 2011

From time to time, as new material is received it may be appended to this table.
Periodically the entries may be collated into chronological order.

"In times of pervasive deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

George Orwell

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