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Posting to the Zen Forum International Thread on Sexual Misconduct by Buddhist Teachers by Carol Spooner.

"Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道), to me, is a tragic figure ... someone who lost his way in emptiness sickness doubtless because of many causes and conditions. To see this in no way diminishes the harm and pain he has caused others. And to describe his sickness in no way demonizes him, IMO, but instead helps to understand and take appropriate action for the benefit of all involved, including Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) himself. You see a person so identified with the deluded creations of his mind that he cannot find a way out, cannot find the path to liberation because he believes he has already found it. This happens to all of us, to a greater or lesser extent, whenever we believe we have found the 'truth' and that there is no further inquiry needed and nothing more for us to see or do about the great matter. Eido Roshi's (嶋野 栄道) case is an extreme one, that's all."




An Open Letter to the Board of the Zen Studies Society Regarding Eido Shimano From Abbess Myoan Grace Schireson, Ph.D.

"In my view, the current volume of letters from Zen teachers being written to the ZSS Board came about because of Shimano’s (嶋野 栄道) letter to the NYT in which he denied the cause and effect of his retirement and the (so-called false) allegations about his misconduct. The letter (in effect) negated Shimano’s apology, and was in a sense a 'denial' of the facts. Please consider that this letter is in anticipation of your Monday January 10th Board meeting as support for following the FaithTrust Institute’s recommendation. As a Zen teacher, someone who is concerned about Zen’s credibility in the West, I want to personally request that the following matters be considered by the ZSS Board regarding Eido Shimano’s (嶋野 栄道) actual retirement. Besides implementing the suggestions in the letters of Abbess Chozen Bays and Abbess Egyoku Nakao (for a rigorous ethical policy and healing council for sangha) I have only added one request that did not appear in the FaithTrust report—that Rev. Shimano (嶋野 栄道) apologize for his letter to the NYT-- since it happened after their report-- and that his apology specifically refer to his Shimano’s (嶋野 栄道) breach of the Buddhist precepts."



Japanese Translation

女性住職 みょうあん グレース シアソン、哲学博士. より島野栄道に関する禅スタデイ ソサイエテイへの公開状。

”ZSS委員会宛に禅教師等から大量の手紙が届きましたが、これらは島野のNYT宛の手紙、つまり、彼の退職問題の原因と結果を否認し、彼の不行跡に対する告訴を(偽造と呼ぶ)結果です。 この手紙は島野自身の前回の謝罪を否定するもので、結果的には事実を拒否する性質のものでした。 貴方が1月10日の委員会に出席なさる折、どうかこの手紙の性質を考慮して、フェイス トラストの忠告に従って下さい。 禅教師として、又他の誰でも西洋の禅の真実性を懸念されるならば、島野栄道のZSSからの実際の辞職を考慮されるよう私個人として要求いたします。女性住職、ちょうぜん ベイズ、と女性住職、えぎょく 中尾の(厳格な倫理に基ずいて、僧伽の健全化を計る)の提案を全うするため、私はフェイス トラストには見えなかったことを、只一つ付け加えるよう要求します。 NYTにおける島野の謝罪は、彼の不行跡が暴露された後行われたものであること、そして彼の謝罪の内容は、仏教の教えとの絶縁を意味するものであるという事実に注目して欲しいと思います。




An Apparently Leaked Section of the AZTA Listserve Thread that Appeared on Facebook.

1. Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道) should not be teaching on the grounds or under the auspices of ZSS (as recommended by FaithTrust). This means he should not have a residence or office at DBZ or Shoboji in NYC.

2. Under the current retirement agreement with ZSS, despite the recommendations of Faith Trust, he may continue to offer teaching at sesshin and also teach his Dharma class (in Japanese). I agree with the Faith Trust recommendations and do not think any of this teaching should continue.

3. I agree with the Faith Trust recommendations and do not think that Eido Shimano
(嶋野 栄道) should continue to see any students (even “old” students) under the auspices of ZSS as was previously decided by the Board of ZSS.

"I think we all are awaiting word from the ZSS and you, Roko (露光), plus Ryutakuji, (龍沢寺) Eido Shimano's (嶋野 栄道) home temple, with regards to this matter. A "no comment" at this time is not acceptable, and will be considered a sanctioning of this unfortunate situation. We are all aware that stepping aside and justifying in the matter is no longer a possibility."

• Will Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道) continue his residency at DBZ and the NY city site? That would seem highly problematic. Will he return to his home temple in Japan? And do his Japanese colleagues know what is happening?

• What sanctions are you applying to Eido Shimano
(嶋野 栄道) other than insisting on his retirement?

• And the third thing you, Grace, have already mentioned but I hope we will see carefully addressed and implemented: What are the remedies the ZSS has planned for the victims and the sangha with regards to Eido Shimano's
(嶋野 栄道) actions?



Japanese Translation


1. 島野栄道は、ZSSの構内、または、その許可のもとで教鞭をとってはならない事(フェイス トラストの忠告による)、これは彼が大菩薩禅堂内、又はニューヨーク正法寺内に居住することも、オフィスを持つ事も許されないということです。

2. 現在の彼とZSSとの退職契約では、フェイス トラストの忠告に逆らって、彼は引き続き接心、達磨クラス(日本語の)を指導してもよいことになっていますが。 私はフェイス トラストの忠告に同意で、これらの教師としての地位を継続させてはいけないと思います。

3. ZSS委員会で前回決定された事ですが、島野栄道はZSSの賛助があっても、弟子に(たとえ古参の弟子であっても)面会してはならないという、フェイス トラストの忠告に私も同意いたします。

私達全員、この事件に関するZSSの発表、それから露光、貴女の、又、島野栄道の故国の龍沢寺の発言を待ち望んでいます。 ”ノーコメント” は、この期に及んで受け入れることは出来ません。

• 島野栄道は引き続きDBZと、NYCの敷地に住まうのでしょうか?  これは問題を引き起こす原因です。 彼は日本の昔の寺に帰るでしょうか?  彼の日本の同僚達はここで何が起っているか知っているのでしょうか?

• 退職を強要する以外、どのような賞罰を彼に与えているのでしょうか?

• 第三番目に、グレース、貴女が既に触れた事ですが、約束が正しく履行されたかを見届けたいと思います: ZSSは島野栄道の行為の結果起った事に関して、犠牲者や僧伽の人々にどのような救済策を計画しているのでしょうか?



January 8, 2011
12 Minute Segment

Bodhidharma and Peace of Mind.

An Excerpt from a Teisho Delivered on Saturday, January 8th by Genjo Marinello Osho. 

On saying “NO” to Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道).




A Letter to the AZTA Listserve Regarding Eido Shimano From Jundo Cohen, Roshi.

"Thus the calls of 'give them more time to work it out' are about 10 years too late. They have had years, and chance upon chance. To 'give them more time' and allow a 'graceful exit' for Mr. Shimano (嶋野氏) is not the right answer here. He must be condemned by all of us in the strongest and most unambiguous terms, we must deny him any respect (his years of service do not outweigh the damage done here), the members of this organization must denounce the years of cover up, we should publicly admit our own role in not doing enough. Moreover, we must now publicly turn our backs on Mr. Shimano (嶋野氏). Furthermore, we must turn our backs on the ZSS... treat them as persona non grata ... unless and until they exhibit real reforms."

"If it were a case in which such events had happened but once or twice, or nobody in the organization knew, or there had not been cover up after cover up for YEARS then my opinion would be different. However, this is our moral equivalent of the child abuse scandals plaguing the Catholic Church. If we allow Mr. Shimano (嶋野氏) to make a graceful exit, if we allow things to be papered over again ...our own shame is compounded."

"Our students are watching. Right now, opinion I am hearing among people observing is that the 'teachers of the Precepts' look like a bunch of hypocrites trying to protect their own."



Japanese Translation

島野栄道に関するじゅんどう ちょえん 老師よりAZTA リストサーブ宛の手紙

”話し合う為に今少し時間がほしい”との要求は、10年おそすぎました。その機会は何年に も渡ってありました。島野氏に ”優雅なる引退”を与えよう、という回答は既に失せまし た。彼は我々すべての者によって最も明白な最も激しい言葉で非難をうけ、一切の尊敬は否定されなければなりません。(彼の何年かの功労は彼による損害を帳消しする事は出来ません)会員達は長年にわたる隠匿を告発、我々は自分の責任を十分に果たさなかった事を公式に認め表明しなければなりません。さらに、私達は公式に島野氏に背を向けなければなりません。その上さらに、私達はZSS(禅教団)にも背を向け、彼らが本当の改正の態度を示すまで”好まし くないやつ”としてあつかうべきでしょう。

もし、このような事件が過去に1度か2度あって教団の人々は何も知らなかった場合、隠匿をこ のように何度も繰り返したのでなかった場合、私の意見も違ったものであったと思います。し かしこれは道徳問題としてカトリック教会の児童虐待、此れに伴う教会の汚名、疫病のように後々までひき続く状態に匹敵するものだとおもいます。もし私達が島野氏の優雅なる引退を許し、紙面に繰り返すならば、これは私達自身の恥辱 を確立した事になります。





The Buddhist Channel | Buddhism News | Headlines

Three Stories on Shimano.

“Water drunk by the snake becomes venom, water drunk by the cow becomes milk”
by Myoan Grace Schireson

"No honorable exit, stop protecting Mr. Shimano"
by Jundo Cohen

"Letters from Zen Teachers to
the Zen Studies Society"

as compiled by Rev James Ishmael Ford




An Open Letter to the Board of the Zen Studies Society Regarding Eido Shimano From Genkaku Adam Fisher.

"But as a nobody-Zen-student, I would like to urge you and your fellow board members one last time: Please, please, please make a clean break. No if's, and's, but's, or lofty compromises. PLEASE. Listen to the Faith-Trust Institute. Listen to the pleas that have erupted in any number of quarters. If even the American Zen Teachers Association can speak up a little ... well, it can't all be vitriol and vindictiveness, do you think?"

"The penalty for compromising or fudging a response to all this will be a death knell for Zen Studies Society and a blot on the banner of Zen Buddhism in America. This is not just argumentative hyperbole. Please, please, please consider it. Please make a clean, clear break."




An Open Letter to the Board of the Zen Studies Society Regarding Eido Shimano From Mu Shin Frank LoCicero.

"Still, in 1982 an unfortunately small number of us on the board saw that the only right way to proceed with respect to the number of problems presented by the Reverend Shimano (嶋野 栄道) was expulsion.  We came to this conclusion after much discussion and consideration. However, perhaps, it was  critically erroneous that we did not make it widely known that we did have the support of Eido's (嶋野 栄道) teacher Soen Nakagawa, Roshi (中川 宋淵). Soen Roshi (中川 宋淵) told Jochi that 'Eido’s shame is Soen’s shame, the shame of Dai Bosatsu is the shame of Ryutaku-ji (龍沢寺) and every Buddhist monastery in the world.' Soen Roshi (中川 宋淵) told me 'Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) is No Roshi.'"

"Since Jochi had already resigned, we did not have even a simple majority on the board for expulsion, but the recognition of the seriousness of the problem by the other members of that board resulted in compromise  which was for Rev. Shimano (嶋野 栄道) to take a leave of absence. Sadly, that leave did no good. At the time I did not see any possibility of changing enough of that board's mind, I regrettably resigned, and walked away from Zen Studies Society."

"Sadly, even some 28 years later there has been no evidence of real improvement in Rev. Shimano's (嶋野 栄道) behavior."




An Account and Commentary Emailed from Phil Benezra to Kobutsu Malone.

“I was a student at Dai Bosatsu Zendo during the winter of 1975-76. A scandal hit the community when a female student, in a jealous rage, defaced a large calligraphy of 'Mu I Shitsu' or 'True man (person) of No Rank' done by Eido [actually Soen] Roshi. A large group of senior students left the sangha over reports that Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) had been having sexual relations with a number of students, using the dokusan room as one place to make liaisons. Some of the students who left included current teachers Lou Nordstrom and Roko (露光) Sherry Chayat. I remained. While practicing there, during the period of about a year and a half, I witnessed a student attempt to take his own life by stabbing himself in the belly with a knife. A young military vet who 'lost it’ in the Zendo, 'went off the deep end psychologically' and had to be picked up by parents. Another student, myself, who temporarily 'went off the deep end' into what psychiatrists might call paranoid schizophrenia. Meanwhile Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) was still having or attempting to have sexual relationships with students, including my ex-wife–an experience which she has described in her 'novel'  Special Karma. Is there a connection between the 'crazy' behavior of a few students and Eido Roshi’s (嶋野 栄道) 'lack of morality' (as he once put it)?”




The Buddhist Channel: Issues

Pressure mounts on Zen Studies Society to suspend and expel Eido Shimano

Board of Directors to vote on Jan 10 to decide on the society's association with Eido Shimano

"Furor erupted within the American Zen circle when Shimano (嶋野 栄道) wrote to the New York Times on December 1, 2010 denying that he had resigned based on the accusations of clergy misconduct. His letter to the NYT can be viewed here (link)."

"The Buddhist press and the blogosphere were inundated with protests, mainly from the American Zen fraternity. Many denounced his about turn and called for his expulsion from the Zen Studies Society (see: link)."

"Key leaders and teachers continue to express their urge to the Zen Studies Society to disassociate themselves with their founder, on the basis of the allegations of sexual misconduct."




Posting to the Zen Forum International Thread on Sexual Misconduct by Buddhist Teachers by Carol Spooner.

"I think this whole thing is a huge challenge to all of us who practice Zen ... to examine our opinions and beliefs and feelings and judgments, our shortcomings, our tendencies to avoid conflict while projecting ill-will onto others who are also working through their opinions, beliefs, feelings, judgments and shortcomings. This situation calls for action, firm action, and we're not used to that. We've perhaps cultivated a culture of equivocation rather than equanimity."

"It's a very hard koan. How to act when circumstances demand action, while remaining compassionate in our hearts and not giving in to greed, hatred and ignorance. So, when we see someone like Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) -- delusional -- doing great harm and excusing it by raising the false flag of 'the unconditioned', we'd best wake up. We'd best listen to those sounding the alarm, however unpleasant and jarring the sound. To think that silencing the alarm will eliminate the danger is also delusion."




An Email From a Student Who Attended the Ryutaku-Ji - Winter Semester (2001-2002) to Kobutsu Malone.

The name and identifying information for the author has been redacted from this document on request.

"On the middle day of a sesshin (I think it was January), right before mealtime, there was suddenly a kind of murmur among the monks: Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道) had shown up and was going to be eating with us. Sure enough, as we entered the dining hall, there was Eido waiting at one end of the table. That was the first time I had ever seen him and so I was of course curious: I remember thinking that for some reason he looked sheepish."

"It was only later that I realised why he had looked like that. He had been meeting with Kyudo Roshi (中川 球童) in the morning and obviously Kyudo (中川 球童) had not invited him to eat lunch with him in his abbott's quarters, instead merely sending him back downstairs to eat noodles with the monks. I remember the whole episode very well because the midday meal on the fourth day of sesshin at Ryutaku-ji (龍沢寺) is always terrible: nothing but udon noodles in hot water with some kind of chili powder."




A Third Open Letter from Zogen to The Directors of The Zen Studies Society.

"There has been a noticeable increase in comments on still-secret deliberations of the Board of Directors of Zen Studies Society. Reported comments, from a concerned maha-Sangha, and a lack of constructive action or proposals, suggest that the Board continues to be 'stuck' in its tragically ambivalent & timid position. Meanwhile, public comment & outcry continue to grow & spread. The 'price' to ZSS reputation & impact on its future continue to mount. The Board, however, ignores this discrepancy, in a sense of urgency, & drifts further & further away from growing consensus among Teachers & practitioners. One can easily imagine the hurt & anger of those whose life & practice of Dharma had been affected by Eido Shimano Roshi's (嶋野 栄道) conduct & complacency of ZSS Board of Directors."

"- Major Japanese newspapers & TV and cable networks have representative offices in NYC & Washington, DC. Many Japanese practitioners follow our Buddhist blogs & foreign Rinzai community is monitoring our torment & turmoil. Should we risk facing ostracism not only in the US but abroad too? Should we risk compromising these connections, which are quite tenuous to begin with (former Abbot controlled them entirely for his own benefit)?"




The Zen Center of Syracuse Board of Trustees Took the Following Actions at its Jan. 24, 2011 Meeting:

"Reported on the joyous ceremony installing Shinge Roshi as abbot of Dai Bosatsu Zendo on 1/1/11."

"Elected Togan Tim Kohlbrenner to be the next president of the Zen Center board during the 2012-15 term; elected Togan to serve as acting secretary until a new secretary is named; welcomed GetsuAn Ann Marshall to the board."

"Adopted the use of purchase orders at the Zen Center."

"Discussed unexpected costly repairs to the boiler at 266 W. Seneca Turnpike."

"Returned to a quarterly meeting schedule."

"Discussed Shinge Roshi's new role at Dai Bosatsu Zendo and the implications of negative blogging during the months when the Zen Studies Society board was making decisions involving a change in leadership. The board expressed gratitude for Roshi's dedication to the Dharma, which led her to take on the momentous role of abbot at DBZ during this tumultuous time. The board expressed its continued support and faith in her wisdom, integrity and decision making."




A Fourth Open Letter from Zogen.

"Do you believe that, once Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) is separated 'definitively' from ZSS, the Board will undertake any systemic reform? Where will they get any credibility?"

"Whatever they do, now, will be perceived as a reluctant action under pressure, not to their credit. Their silence shows they are stuck, and have not come to a point of clarity. Internal squabbling will lead to a dissipation of effort and loss of focus."

"My fear is that a very small group will close ranks with the Board & everything will remain the same. Perhaps only for a while, then -- they will crumble."

"Economically, 'demographically' & in terms of standing in a wider Buddhist community, ZSS position is unsustainable. There is nothing worse than a 'leaderless group' with assets. I've seen a slew of them during era, in the 90s, & among start-up hedge funds. Communality of purpose was not a saving grace."




ZSS Board of Directors Easment Report by Shinkon Peter Glynn.

"On Thursday, January 28th at the Catskills Conservation Center in Arkville NY. I met with Mark Tercek, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy; Tony Wilkerson, Deputy Director of the Nature Conservancy; and Alan White, Catskill Center Executive Director."

"Alan White has been working on a DBZ land easement proposal for years and gave a brief overview of the conservation movement in the Catskills, with an impressive map showing, State Park land, Private Reserve land (mostly blocks of land purchased and donated by Lawrence Rockefeller), Forest preserve, NYC watershed land, and NY Department of Environment Conservation (DEC) land, Nature Conservancy land. Alan pointed out that DBZ land is in the center of the Catskills highest priority region, and is unique in many respects, e.g., it is the habitat of a particular species of birds that are threatened outside of this area."

"Alan made a point to say that DBZ should not consider a land sale to the Nature Conservancy. This point has also made to me by the Balsam Lake Club, our DBZ neighbors. The Nature Conservancy frequently sells land to the NY DEC to maintain preservation goals and to make money on their investment. This in fact, was the case with the Balsam Lake Club land . We can sell the DBZ land directly to NY DEC. If we did, the land would be protected environmentally and the sale would be more lucrative for ZSS, but there would be public access to the land in the form of hiking and hunting, etc. If we were to take this option we would no longer have use of our garden or the Sun Moon cabin, or have any development rights to the land."




A Letter from Christopher Hamacher to:

The International Cultic Studies Association, The Faith Trust Institute, Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, JBFCS Cult Hotline & Clinic, Rick A. Ross Institute and Info-Secte.

“I am writing to inform you of a situation of longstanding abuse and manipulation of students at the above-mentioned religious organisation, the Zen Studies Society, Inc. (ZSS). Briefly stated, Mr. Eido T. Shimano (嶋野氏), the abbott of the ZSS's monastery in upstate New York, has been accused of (among other things) sexually predating on dozens of female students over a period spanning almost fifty years. The situation is not completely unknown to the public, as both the New York Times and the Survivors' Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) have covered the story. However, as of today, not only does Mr. Shimano (嶋野氏) continue to remorselessly deny any wrongdoing, but the ZSS still refuses to openly engage with his victims and instead stands steadfastly behind their beloved teacher.”



Japanese Translation

クリストファー ハマカーより:国際カルト学協会、フェイストラスト インステイテユート、僧侶によって犯された犠牲者のネットワーク、JBFCS カルト ホットライン、リック A. ロス協会と情報部への手紙。

”上記の宗教団体、禅スタデイ ソサイエテイ法人(ZSS)の長期に渡る陵辱、誤摩化しの実情を報告する為にこれを書いています。 簡単に説明いたしますと、ニューヨーク州北部にあるZSSの僧堂住持、嶋野T.栄道氏は、何十人もの女弟子に対する性的略奪(彼の数ある悪行の内の一つ)をほぼ50年近く続け、告訴を受けて来ました。 この事件はニューヨーク タイムス, Survivors’Network of those Abused by Priests - 僧侶によって犯された犠牲者の協会(SNAP)、が記事を掲載しており、一般にとって全く知名度の無い事ではありません。 しかし今日でも、嶋野氏は自責の念が無く、一切の不行跡を否定し、ZSSは未だに犠牲者に対して率直に対処しようという意志がなく、敬慕する師を支持して、不動の姿勢をとり続けています。”




An Observation by Genkaku Adam Fisher Posted on His genkaku-again Blog.

"Can you imagine traveling to a distant land with a benevolent purpose in mind and then living there for 50 years without bothering to learn the temperament or customs or heart-felt needs of the natives. Can you imagine maintaining and elevating the customs and attitudes of the world you had left at the expense of those who currently supported and fed you? And when you looked back, 50 years later, would you be surprised if your initial benevolent intent were twisted beyond all recognition and those you had set out to assist turned on you with a well-founded ingratitude and worse ... and you were forced to rely on the praises of crippled sycophants?"



Japanese Translation

玄覚 アダム フィッシャーの、玄覚ーアゲイン ブログに載った発言。 

”貴方に想像できますか?  慈善救済を心に抱き、遠い他国へ来て、その国の習慣も、国民の性質も、かれらの望んでいる事も学ぼうとする些かの試みも無しに50年住み着いている人間の事を。 今日まで、貴方を支持し、養って来た国の人々の犠牲の上に、故国の習慣、態度を維持し高揚している人間の事を貴方は想像出来ますか?  そして、この50年を振り返ってみて、貴方の初心、慈善救済の志はねじ曲がり、跡形も無くなり、あなたを助けた人々への恩を忘れ、さらに悪いことには、無能なオベッカ者を取り立てている。”




An Email Communiqué from the ZSS Board to the Sangha and Friends.

"Dear Sangha and Friends,

We hope you are enjoying a healthy and happy New Year. We would like to update you regarding ongoing developments at The Zen Studies Society, its monastery Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji, and city temple New York Zendo Shobo-ji.

On December 8th 2010, Eido Shimano Roshi (嶋野 栄道) retired from his position as Abbot of The Zen Studies Society, and on December 11th 2010, Aiho-san (愛法) Yasuko Shimano (嶋野 ) retired from her position as Director of New York Zendo Shobo-ji. They retired openly and without reservation from all administrative authority. Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) is not teaching under the auspices of The Zen Studies Society.

On January 1st 2011, Shinge Roko (露光) Sherry Chayat Roshi was installed as Abbot of Dai Bosatsu Zendo in a ceremony attended by some 125 dharma friends, including sangha members from New York Zendo Shobo-ji and the Zen Center of Syracuse. Since then, she has been guiding all aspects of practice at Dai Bosatsu Zendo. Shoteki Chris Phelan has been appointed Director of Shobo-ji, and is supported by Rev. Zuiho Matthew Perez.

We board members have begun evaluating the Society's by-laws, with a focus on the development of membership involvement and establishing a more democratic process. We are also arranging for a professional audit of its resources.

We are committed to continuing the Rinzai Zen tradition and to upholding the Buddhist precepts. We vow to provide an ethical environment devoted to the well-being and encouragement of those who come for Zen practice and study.

The mission of The Zen Studies Society is threefold: to support lay practitioners of Rinzai Zen, to sustain a rigorous monastery for Zen training, and to cultivate Buddhist studies, with an emphasis on the development of Zen in Asia and its continuing evolution in the West.

We look forward to practicing with you. Please join us for an all-day sit at New York Zendo Shobo-ji on February 13th, and for March-On Sesshin at Dai Bosatsu Zendo, held from March 10th–13th."




Lineage Delusions: Eido Shimano Roshi, Dharma Transmission, and American Zen

By Erik Fraser Storlie

SweepingZen: the definitive online who’s who of Zen

"Stated simply, the doctrine of dharma transmission is just one more among the many attractive delusions held by human beings.  Unfortunately, adherence to it gives the dharma heir a very powerful – and potentially dangerous – authority within the community of Zen practitioners, much as does the doctrine of the Apostolic Succession in the Roman Catholic Church, where the recent child abuse scandals illustrate the dangers of priesthoods that claim an authority beyond the ordinary and human.  Those in such positions are sorely tempted to protect each other, ignoring or covering up the harm done by their colleagues."

"So long as American Zen relies on dharma transmission as a credential, there will be one Shimano after another – and dharma heirs who will go to great lengths to protect the master that conferred authority upon them.  For if the master who has declared me awakened has erred, if he does not, indeed, 'dwell in the Absolute,' then my own credential is called into question – along with my prestige and authority in the community and my ability to confer this power upon others."

[ See entry of: 03/15/12 ]




genkaku-again Blog - (Continued) and (Continued2)

Concerning Eido Shimano.

This File may be Updated Periodically.

Entries begining at 5,001 in Searchable PDF Format.

Captured: 01/14/12

"In 1982, the year in which the letter that inspired this blog was written, the internet was just beginning to make its impact felt. The speed and community of internet connections was not yet established. As a result, those who experienced Eido Tai Shimano's (嶋野 栄道) activities were largely left on their own -- communicating with friends and sangha members, but without a sense of connection. Each suffered alone to whatever degree Mr. Shimano's (嶋野氏) affairs touched them. Confusion, anger, sorrow, hurt, defensiveness, outrage ... the list went on and on and was not given the wider outlet and sense of commonality it deserved."

"In many instances, the wounds inflicted in the past continue to this day."

"This blog is not always nice, neat, clean, civil or even relevant. There are entries of substance and entries that lack substance. Some are written by people who have first-hand knowledge. Some are not. A great many are written by 'anonymous.' But the object of the blog has been met in the sense that anyone is welcome to say pretty much anything s/he wants and in the sense that the events that inspired their writing deserves to be part of the history of Zen in America."

(Prior entries: 02/10/10)




Tricycle Magazine.


No Mean Preacher

Robert Aitken Roshi: The Last Interview

By Joel Whitney

Captured: 04/07/11

“In 2003, Aitken donated his complete papers to the University of Hawaii at Manoa, but he had left a batch pertaining to Shimano sealed. In the summer of 2008, he instructed Lynn Davis at the university to unseal them. A website named the Shimano Archive has been making them widely available ever since. Now that letters and affidavits from women alleging they were coerced or inappropriately seduced to sleep with Shimano were publicly available, and with Aitken’s blog publicly requesting a response, Eido Shimano’s community, the Zen Studies Society, announced on July 4 his stepping down from the board. To some in the broader Zen community, this appeared to be a step toward resolution. To others, it looked like mere window dressing. As I would see, Aitken fell into the latter category. Malone, who works on the archive, did as well.”

“After lunch, I kill time on gmail, trying to file the myriad articles and pictures Malone sends, while he talks baby talk to his dog on Skype (‘Hi, dear Bear. There’s Daddy’s baby. Yes, you are. You’re Daddy’s baby’) or steps outside to chain-smoke. I can’t wait to leave this madhouse. I examine a picture I’d just been asked to take of Malone with Aitken. Malone’s crying. Why? Roshi will soon die. In another, I’m shaking Aitken’s hand just after the interview, his book under my arm, and I’m smiling broadly, maybe defensively. Malone crying, me smiling. Despite asking him point-blank if he’s afraid, the gravity, reality of his dying did not penetrate me.”




ZSS Board of Directors Jorakuan Guest House Proposal by Shinkon Peter Glynn.

"We have stated: ER [Eido Roshi] is retired and will have no administrative or teaching authority at ZSS. This was done to clear up the ethical issue(s) and set the record straight."

"It is very unlikely he will see students for dokusan in his NYC apartment, do zazen there, or do any translation work there."

"As it stands now, if ER comes to DBZ it is a virtual certainty that he will reside and see students in the monastery building. We understand this is a potentially volatile, and emotional situation and gives his detractors (and ours) the opportunity to protest, and debate his involvement in ZSS affairs. Simply not having him visit DBZ may be a short term solution, but not a longer term one, because of his unique association with DBZ and the support of a segment of sangha members (we of course represent them too)."

"If we want to leave the door open for Eido Roshi to visit DBZ, to spend some time there for translation work, Obon, special services (memorials, funerals, etc.), anniversary events, even to reside as a guest at sesshins in the future, we need to be consistently clear about his involvement and authority. The best way to signify a change in his involvement is with a separate residence. If that residence is not a ZSS entity, his presence can be maintained in a more neutral atmosphere."

"Here is an idea that technically addresses many of our concerns: Convert, and make available, a portion of Jorakuan for use by Eido Roshi when he visits. This will move him out of the Monastery Abbots quarters, and provide for a level of hospitality and respect if it is done properly. This residence is ZSS property now, but we may be able to safely change that, while at the same time developing and protecting the house, if we use specific guidelines."



August 2, 2010
10:00 AM HST

Robert Baker Aitken, Rodaishi Final Interview - The Complete Audio Recording.

Aitken, Rodaishi Passed Away Three Days Later on
August 5, 2010.

Aitken Rodaishi’s last interview as recorded by Kobutsu Malone.

  Kobutsu Malone and Lynn Davis (the University of Hawaii archivist), were both specifically invited by Aitken, Rodaishi to be present and record the interview.




Robert Baker Aitken, Rodaishi Final Interview - A Partial Video Recording.

Aitken Rodaishi’s last interview as recorded by Lynn Davis.

  Lynn Davis (the University of Hawaii archivist) and Kobutsu Malone were both specifically invited by Aitken, Rodaishi to be present and record the interview.




Sexual Ethics, Zen Scandals, and Cults

By Kuzan Peter Schireson

SWEEPINGZEN: the definitive online who’s who of Zen

"By reports, Mr. Shimano (島野氏) has been a serial sexual predator for decades, making uninvited and intrusive sexual advances on female students, some of whom became involved with him in sexual affairs which resulted in great psychological suffering. Over the years as reports of this behavior surfaced, there were attempts to call him to account. However, he had supporters in the sangha who resisted meeting his misdeeds head-on and imposing consequences. In some cases, his conduct was excused by the idea that his spiritual awakening is so profound that he somehow 'lives in the absolute' and that questions of harm or abuse are matters in the relative world and do not apply to him."

"There are many lists of cult characteristics, not all of which apply in every case, but they are useful tools for analyzing one aspect of a sangha's health. In my experience, cults don't become cults overnight. They move in that direction by degrees. Alertness to cultish signs and tendencies is a useful safeguard against the abuses that cult dynamics enable. "



Japanese Translation

くざん ピーター シアソンの、性の倫理、禅スキャンダル、カルト:スウィーピング禅より:禅の名士録オンラインの決定版

”公報によれば、島野氏は長期にわたる連続的セックス食肉動物で、強引、強要的に女弟子達にセックスを迫り、その結果、彼女等の多くは、島野氏と性交渉を持つに至り、彼女等は大きな精神的屈辱を経験しています。 既に長期に渡り、彼の性癖は表面化しており、彼の責任を追求する声は高まっています。しかし、彼を支持する彼の僧伽のメンバー達は、彼の犯罪を真っ向から黙認し、事態を誤摩化しています。 あるケースにおいては彼の霊的深遠さが余りに偉大であると言い、そのような ”絶対的存在者” には陵辱と言う言葉は該当しないと言うのです。”

”ここにカルトの性格を示す数々のリストがあります。 すべてのケースには該当しませんが、少なくとも、僧伽の健全性の状態を分析する上で、有効な資料になります。 私の経験では、カルトは一夜にしてカルトにはなりません。 それらは少しずつその方向へ進展して行くのです。 カルト的兆候とその傾向に敏感である事は、カルトが活動を始め、害悪が生じる前に、これをくい止める防御策になります。”




“This is an open invitation to past and present students who have studied at either Shobo-ji or Dai Bosatsu with Eido Roshi.

Please join us on March 20 for a meeting of the Sangha.”

Captured 2/20/11

“The purpose of this meeting is to come together as a Sangha in a safe environment to understand what we've all been going through: to define it, to acknowledge our suffering and to find ways of healing.”

“The meeting will be co-facilitated by Barry Magrid and Grace Schireson.

Barry is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in New York City and is the Zen teacher of The Ordinary Mind Zendo.

Grace Schireson is the founder and head teacher of the Empty Nest Zen Group. She is author of the book Zen Women: Beyond Tea Ladies, Iron Maidens and Macho Masters.”

“We are no longer affiliated with the Zen Studies Society and this meeting is not organized by the ZSS Board of Directors, nor will they be in attendance.

After waiting for months to hear from the ZSS Board, we have decided to step forth and organize at a grassroots level a way to address some of the hurt and suffering that many of us have been experiencing over the last six months caused by the actions of Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道), the Board and our own denial over the years.”

[See entries of: 03/05/11 and 03/07/11]




The Tricycle Blog:

Sex in the Sangha: Apparently, we still haven't had enough

by James Shaheen

“The sex scandals that have rocked the Zen communities in recent weeks are pretty depressing. First it was Eido Shimano, whose exposure on the internet was followed up by a New York Times report. Zen teacher John Tarrant is now under fire for writing an obit for the late Aitken Roshi. Aitken had disowned Tarrant for what Aitken considered Tarrant's sexual indiscretions with students, and also criticized Tarrant's teaching style and conduct as a therapist. So Tarrant didn't win any points with Aitken's Diamond Sangha for what they considered a veiled attack on their teacher. Now, Genpo Merzel, among the dharma heirs of Maezumi Roshi (前角  大山  博雄), has publicly apologized for breaking his marriage vows by having sex with students.”

“Another signing the AZTA open letter was Roko (露光) Sherry Chayat, heir to Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道). Shimano's (嶋野) behavior had been known about for years, and yet it continued with the full knowledge of many of his students. It is almost impossible to imagine that Chayat herself did not know given her position as Shimano's (嶋野) heir and the length of time she studied with him. Yet it was pressure from without that forced the issue, one that had otherwise continued for years.”



English Translation:



[SENSHIN diary]

February 21, 2011. This blog was subscribed.


I met and spoke with Shimano Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) this weekend and I was relieved to see that he seemed well.

That same night, I received a phone call from Tanaka-san [Myo Yo Tanaka] of Daibosatsu Zendo Japan branch office, who gave us permission to sell Shimano Roshi’s (嶋野 老師) DVD “Zen in New York” that he made last year, at the Zazen meeting tomorrow.  I immediately contacted my office colleague, Kitano, to prepare to sell DVD on Sunday.


Various people came for the Zazen meeting and I was surprised to see that so many are middle to older aged women.

About 50 people came and showed pleasure in attending Shimano Roshi’s (嶋野 老師) Zazen meeting, held only once a year here.  I realized and am impressed by Roshi (老師) who still values Japan after 50-year mission of propagating Buddhism eastward.


その夜に、大菩薩禅堂の日本事務所の田中さんより、お電話を拝受して、明日の京都での座禅会に、昨年に制作した嶋野老師のDVD禅in NewYorkを販売しても良いと言って頂き、急遽、北野社員と連絡を取り、日曜日に、二人で販売に向かいました。







Cut From the Same Cloth: Scientology and EnlightenNext

Discussion of the recent New Yorker article on Scientology

by William Yenner

“In his recent New Yorker profile of the Church of Scientology (February 7, 2011), Lawrence Wright highlights a type of social pathology that, far from being confined to Scientologists, is a ubiquitous feature of many contemporary so-called 'religious' or 'spiritual' organizations. Yet in public discourse about the relative merits of any particular such group, there seems to be a characteristic obliviousness to the presence of this pathology, and it seems to be difficult for people to perceive and accept how pervasive and formulaic this type of pathology actually is.”



20110228_Aitken Lachs.pdf

An Email From Robert Aitken, Rodaishi to Stuart Lachs.

Dated: 09/07/06

"He [Shimano (嶋野 栄道)] lived with us at the first KoKo An zendo, occupying the front bedroom while Anne and I used a back bedroom. We had started the Diamond Sangha with Soen Roshi’s (中川 宋淵) approval in the fall of 1959. He was introduced to our little group as our new leader. From the beginning, he took a very confrontational position and the little group was soon divided into partisans of the new leader and those who maintained their loyalty to me. Needless to say, things were very difficult. We persevered however, and sent him to the University of Hawai’i for (I think it was) a semester of English language and literature. He made many changes in our procedures and cultivated his little subgroup."

"I shared my disappointed feelings about Tai San [Shimano (嶋野 栄道)] with the Roshi [Soen (中川 宋淵)] and while he seemed to sympathize, nothing changed. We persevered and after a couple of years, two members had nervous breakdowns within a couple weeks of each other."

"Soen Roshi (中川 宋淵) listened to me carefully but I sensed that he did not take the news very seriously. Yasutani Roshi (安谷 白雲) was at that time on vacation nearby, and we went together to consult with him also. He was even less concerned about the news, and in fact suggested that Tai San [Shimano (嶋野 栄道)] not go to that hospital anymore. I came back to Honolulu without really achieving anything to find that Tai San [Shimano (嶋野 栄道)] had heard about my consultations. He made a big thing about how I had deceived him and told him that I would be visiting my parents. He was scheduled to leave for New York in a few days."

"Off he [Shimano (嶋野 栄道)] went and soon I began hearing from my Zen friends in New York, “What’s going on?” Apparently he just descended upon them. At this point, Anne entered the fray by urging me to keep entirely quiet about the whole matter, in order to protect the women who had suffered from his depredations. She was really firm about this, while I wanted to go to INS with my papers as evidence and urge Tai San’s [Shimano (嶋野 栄道)] deportation. Anne was very vehement in her opposition to this notion, so I compromised by telling my story briefly to two of the New York friends. By this time, they were reconciled to his being there and were helping him. He [Shimano (嶋野 栄道)] was planning to bring a bride from Japan and they were set to welcome her. They felt that her presence and her relationship with Tai San [Shimano (嶋野 栄道)] would put everything right."

"Shortly before Anne died 12 years ago, she confided that she regretted advising me to lay off, and thus protect the two women. Now your plan to tell the story to the AAR [American Academy of Religion] has come up, and I feel that she would approve my relating the story to you. One of the women moved to Los Angeles and we corresponded for a while. I don’t know even whether or not she is still alive. The other woman never recovered from her breakdown and has lived in a halfway house here on O’ahu all these years. Maybe she too is no longer living. So I feel comfortable about telling the story now."

"One of my earliest students with whom I did zazen under Yamada Roshi (山本  玄嶂) in Japan, settled in New York to be near her aging father. She became a member at Daibosatsu and at the New York zendo and quickly became Tai San’s [Shimano's (嶋野 栄道)] mistress. She reported his methods in some detail—apparently by this time he was quite a lothario, and she refused to join in my condemnation of his 'teaching'."



Japanese Translation
20110228JP_Aitken Lachs.pdf

バー  イトン  老よりスチュアート  ラクスへのEメー



彼は私にボランテイアとしてメデイカルセンターの精神科へ来るように勧め、職員会議に参加させてくれる事を約束しました。私は医師の勧めに従ったのですが、これが非常に有意義な仕事だと思われたので、タイさんにも勧め、彼も私について参加しました 。







German Translation


Shogen-dojo, Aegertenstrasse 6, CH-8003 Zürich, Switzerland

Information zum August – Sesshin

20. bis 25. August 2011 im Felsentor, Schweiz.

Wie ihr vielleicht schon erfahren habt ist Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) Ende 2010 als Abt der Zen Studies Society zurückgetreten.  Er wird auch nicht ins Felsentor kommen um unser Sesshin zu leiten.  Er hat ausdrücklich gewünscht und mit Nachdruck darauf bestanden, dass diese Tradition weiter geführt wird.  So findet also auch dieses Jahr wieder ein 5-Tage Sesshin statt im Felsentor unter der Leitung von Shokan Osho [Marcel Urech].  Lasst euch diese Gelegenheit, einmal unter idealsten Bedingungen eure Zen Praxis zu vertiefen, nicht entgehen.



English Translation:

Shogen-dojo, Aegertenstrasse 6, CH-8003 Zürich, Switzerland

Information about the August sesshin

August 20-25, 2011 at Felsentor, Switzerland

“As you might already know, Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) stepped down as the abbot of the Zen Studies Society at the end of 2010. He will also no longer be coming to Felsentor to lead our sesshin. However, he expressly wished and firmly insisted that this tradition be continued. Therefore, a five-day sesshin will take place again this year at Felsentor under the direction of Shokan Osho [Marcel Urech]. Do not miss this opportunity to deepen your Zen practice under the most ideal of conditions.”






Updated Versions of the CSSF Web Site as Captured on 03/05/11 - 03/20/11 & 03/23/11.


It has come to our attention that in the near future there may be a possible legal action against the ZSS. This will not be a topic addressed at the meeting on March 20."

"We will do everything we can to ensure the privacy of everyone attending. There will be no recording or note taking. Participants will agree to keep everything at the meeting confidential and will agree not to publish or publicly reveal what takes place."

"That being said, if there is anyone attending the March 20 Sangha meeting who feels they may want to join in the legal action, they should seek legal counsel beforehand."




Posting by Kobutsu Malone to the Zen Forum International Thread on Sexual Misconduct by Buddhist Teachers.

An Attorney's List of Suggested Disclaimers Disclosed to the CSSF on February 18, 2011.

"Shortly after the 'Committee for Sangha Stepping Forth' ('CSSF') announced its intention to sponsor a ZSS sangha event in New York City on March 20, 2011, an attorney familiar with the turmoil involving Eido Shimano and Zen Studies Society provided disclosure / disclaimer language to protect event participants from unwittingly jeopardizing their legal claims or the claims of other prospective plaintiffs in anticipated litigation."

"On March 5th, CSSF issued its own 'privacy' statement, advising registrants and prospective event participants that (i) discussion of legal matters was not to be part of the event, (ii) an agreement among participants to keep the matters discussed at the event 'confidential' would serve to keep the matters discussed from 'public' disclosure, and (iii) advising participants to seek the advice of their own attorneys – at their own expense – prior to attending the meeting."

"The CSSF leadership has declined – inexplicably – to offer sangha members the benefit of reading the disclosure / disclaimers and determining for themselves how the information contained there might affect the manner in which they participate in the event."

[See entries of: 02/20/11 and 03/05/11]




A Letter From Michael Noyes, Staff Assistant to Susan M. Collins, United States Senator to Kobutsu Malone.

“Thank you for contacting Senator-Collins's Bangor-office to express your concern that you reported crimes to officials at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), but you have not been contacted by either agency to explain what they are doing to investigate the information you provided, nor have you been provided a response to let you know that the information was received.”

“Ms. Logan said that ‘although the IRS appreciates all reports of suspected fraud, the IRS is prohibited by law from disclosing information to Rev. Malone about the actions it has taken as result of his Information Referral. If Rev Malone has additional information he would like to provide to the IRS, he can complete Form 3949-A and mail it to Internal Revenue Service; Fresno, CA 93888’."




A Letter from Kobutsu Malone to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York City Field Office.

"I am writing to you on the instructions from the Bangor, Maine FBI office.  I initially made contact with the Boston FBI office through a telephone call on September 22, 2010 and provided the agent (who refused to identify himself or provide an identification badge number) with a quantity of information concerning Mr. Eido Tai Shimano (嶋野 栄道) and his New York based Zen Studies Society, Inc.  I also provided information to the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service in a letter sent on October 22, 2010."

"Since I had not been contacted by either agency, I reached out to Senator Susan Collins, my Senate representative from Maine.  Senator Collins’ office urged me to attempt to make further contact with the FBI and the IRS, hence this letter."




Statement from CSSF (Committee for Sangha Stepping Forth)

This is a statement by sixteen former and current members of the ZSS Sangha who met together for a meeting on Sunday March 20, 2011, facilitated by Grace Schireson and Barry Magid.

SweepingZen: the definitive online who’s who of Zen

"While acknowledging the many positive and beneficial experiences of practice we have taken a first step toward healing from fifty years of trauma caused by misconduct by Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道) and have begun the process of recognizing and assessing our own sense of responsibility for the silence and inaction that allowed this to continue for so long.

We all shared our love for Zen practice and the acute sense of pain and loss of community. We wish to extend our compassion to all those who have suffered and were deeply damaged by this ongoing trauma.

Some of the topics we explored during the day were:

•   The difference between submission and surrender

•   The mystery of enlightenment coinciding with misconduct

•   The mystique and idealization of a teacher and practice

•    What fantasies might have brought us to Zen practice and how we might better activate our bullshit detectors in the future

•    Power dynamics

•    Sexual dynamics in unequal power situations

•    Spiritual bypassing – when our practice disconnects us from our emotional life and psychological needs

We expressed concern about how the process of reconstruction of the ZSS will unfold and the need for a democratic Sangha-driven process moving forward that is not principally controlled by the existing hierarchy."




An Alleged Letter from Sherry Chayat to "Dear Sangha."

This Letter was Posted to the genkaku-again Blog on March 26, 2011 at 4:10 AM by Someone Identified as "Tom." The Missive is a Text File, and Contains no Letterhead or Signature.

"First, I want to thank the Sangha Stepping Forth Members for sharing your reflections on the meeting of March 20. The topics you explored are very much in my mind as well. I, too, am assessing my own responsibility over the years, and I, too, feel an acute sense of pain and loss, and want to extend my compassion to all who have suffered. I’d like to schedule another facilitated meeting, with the Zen Studies Society board’s support and participation. I’m sure Soun Joe Dowling, president of the board, will be in touch about that very soon, but I wanted this to be a personal letter from me to all of you."

"Please let me know how I can help you, and please consider coming to Dai Bosatsu Zendo. I look forward to meeting with you, and to working together to envision and bring about a healthy, strong Zen Studies Society."




Sex and the Sangha: Out of Touch

An Article by Marnie Froberg Posted on Her MADHUSHALA Blog.

– मधुशाला –

Captured: 04/23/11

“Joan Halifax Roshi, founder of Upaya Zen Center, wrote a statement some time back regarding the ethical sexual issues that are plaguing the American Zen scene Why Buddhism?: Violations of Trust in the Sexual Sphere on Facebook. It also appears on Upaya’s website and on the blog,  The Jizo Chronicles.  In that missive she discusses the situation with regard to Eido Shimano’s (嶋野 栄道) many abuses, but many of her words are pertinent to the current situation with Dennis Genpo Merzel, a Buddhist teacher who cried crocodile tears a few months ago at being caught in another (for there have been many) compromising ethical position. Mr. Merzel pledged to disrobe, take counseling, set things right and basically get his shit together.

But now, less than a month and a half later he is announcing he is retaining his Zen master title and going back to teaching. That was fast. But you know these dharma-transmitted enlightened Bodhisattvas have so many super-human powers that no doubt one hour of counseling for them is equal to a year for the rest of us. Unfortunately there will be many who will be stupid enough to buy into that kind of magic thinking though.”


Further the author of the “BUTT OUT” comment, Nonin Chowaney, then outed himself and had more to say in the ZFI forum. The incredibly patronizing tone of his remarks, which he published there, although they are available elsewhere, speaks volumes and thoroughly confirms Roshi Joan’s assessment in my opinion. He wrote:

It was me. Joan Halifax’s remarks are self-serving and inaccurate. Here is what I actually said, directed to two people, Joan and Grace:

At this point, I urge you both to butt out of ZSS’s business and let those on the ZSS Board do what they know that they need to do. They are also well aware of what needs to be done to heal their sangha, and this is no time to be making demands on the ZSS Board that you have no authority to make. If they want your help or recommendations, they’ll ask for them. …You two are coming across as crusaders who think that they know best for everyone concerned. I, for one, am very tired of your attitudes….

Joan, your presentation on the Shimano archives included all that you said but not all that I said. You only included one statement of mine to support your skewed view of what I said. This is intellectual dishonesty.

You also tried to to present my remarks as an example of men downgrading women. I do not downgrade women and try to keep them 'in their place.' My remarks to you and Grace were remarks to you and Grace, and they were meant to downgrade your behavior and your 'positions.' If men had written your remarks, I would have said the same thing.

This kind of scolding, as if they are naughty little girls is insulting. It is not surprising that the recipients were taken aback by it. The pointing out of their lack of authority is rather telling in that he himself assumes an authority to tell them what they should and should not be doing. It is not like the ZSS folks can’t do that themselves.”

 “Not only does Nonin Chowaney know what’s going on in all these situations and presumes to speak for ZSS and many others (read the entire comment thread) he also apparently knows what goes on in the minds of 'savvy' women and can speak for their behavior as well. He can tell us the motivation for other’s statements, 'manifestation of 70’s feminism', what is in the minds of 'most people', in particular that they have “gone beyond” all that. Must be amazing to have such mindreading abilities.

Dismissing a woman’s statement as a 'red herring' is a convenient way not to bother to address it. It says that her feelings on the matter are not only not worthy of consideration but further bolster the previous accusation of 'intellectual dishonesty'."

“A stand has to be made. We each do it in our own ways according to our abilities. There is no problem for me to stand up against any sort of organized or unorganized idiocy by bigots, misogynists, homophobes etc. and that is because it is their ignorance talking. And when borderline newby Buddhists suggest 'not right speech' that is also not too difficult to deal with.”

“Buddhists need to stand up for themselves and others. And not have to constantly worry about getting fragged by their own ranks because of personal grudges or ego trips. When there’s something to be said then say it at a time that is relevant. Storing up decades of resentment and then issuing schadenfreude filled manifestos is ridiculous.”

“The Genpo situation is a case in point. Many who signed that letter [of discipline, advice, castigation] are blatantly hypocritical in their opinions. Most belong to the AZTA (American Zen Teachers Association ) which had admitted Genpo quite a few years ago despite knowing his history and the problems which had occurred with other Zen centers which which he was affiliated. He was still a member until very recently when the pack turned on him lest they be exposed as enablers. Some who signed the letter against him have offered Big Mind workshops at their own facilities to help pay costs. Others have had affairs with him that went sour and they may be a little bit vindictive. (response to that link)  Others have stood by for years and simply done nothing while it all unfolded.”

“There is also Junpo (巡法) Dennis Kelly’s [Shimano's (嶋野 栄道) first Dharma heir] recent statements on the Integral philosophy’s website in a post, In Defense of Promiscuity, which rather lasciviously outlines his being apparently seduced by a student many years his junior. That Junpo (巡法) Kelly is associated with Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道) in the past and the Ken Wilber organization currently, to which Genpo Merzel is also attached is not surprising considering how much sexual misconduct has been attested to within that organization’s long and convoluted history. These are just a couple of the more overt expressions.”

“In these many sexual scandals there are the occasional outbursts of moral outrage but more often than not in America there has been plenty of forgiveness for the male but little ‘forgiveness’ for the woman or minority for being in that circumstance. There are innuendoes passed, suggestions made and even outright accusations of everything from insanity to jealousy to being behind the times with regard to those who have gotten the short end of the privilege stick. And where accusers and their allies are vocal the attempts to either shut them up directly, by way of bullying, innuendo or exclusion are many.”

“On the one hand the AZTA puts itself forward as some kind of supportive peer group, at other times it is described as merely a listserve and at other points it attempts to put forward some kind of authority such as in the Merzel case when as a group they wrote letters to Maezumi Roshi (前角  大山  博雄) (mentioned here) regarding Merzel’s behavior twenty years ago, not unlike the group effort that was recently made on the same issue.

It is called a peer group organization yet it is envisioned as a service to the general public. They have strict entrance requirements yet do not count themselves as a credentialing or authorizing body. Additionally on that note there are statements regarding 'properly qualified Zen Teachers' which are listed on their database. They do not credential or authorize but merely recommend. This is while simultaneously conducting organized campaigns against teachers who have been listed with them (Genpo) and even those who have not been listed (Shimano) (嶋野 栄道).  There are committees and officers yet it’s purpose is stated to provide information and dialogue opportunities.”

“As one teacher friend pointed out the average age of the American Zen teacher is somewhere in her or his early sixties.

What I think we’re looking at is a dying off of Zen in the West within the next twenty years.

I don’t think Zen will go away. But it will be a much smaller thing than it currently is.

For what reason would anyone with any sense want to become a Zen teacher at this point? To receive such a disorganized, frequently indecisive, confused, meandering inheritance is not something to look forward to.

The situations that have gone on, and that continue, demonstrate aptly either how out of touch the Zen teachers are with their own peers, how out of touch they are with Zen students, how out of touch they are with the ethical foundations of all Buddhist traditions, how out of touch they are with 'savvy' women or women in general, or how out of touch some of them are with reality. In any of these cases it does not bode well for the future of Zen in America.

If the elite of the AZTA are merely running a recipe club rather than an organization that is of some dharmic purpose why not say so and stop with the semi-authoritarian posturing. On the other hand if they are indeed serious about establishing, building and representing the Buddhadharma by way of Zen practice then maybe it’s time to do just that. Comes a time one has to either do the job or use the shitstick and get off the pot.”





genkaku-again blog

An Eyewitness Account and Remembrance of "The Ceremony of the Formal Transmission of the Dharma from Mitta-Kutsu Nakagawa Soen Roshi to his Dharma Heir Mui-Shitsu Shimano Eido Roshi."

By Mushin Frank LoCicero

“I was in attendance.  At that time I was a member for about a year and a half.  I still have a souvenir of that event somewhere in storage. it is similar, if not identical to what Winston posted and includes a photograph showing the ceremonial passing of the staff from Nakagawa Soen (中川 宋淵) to Shimano Eido (嶋野 栄道), if I recall correctly.  In any case It was clearly meant to be a formal transmission ceremony.”

“Bear in mind as you read this that as the situation unfolded seemed a legitimate matter of concern and not a crass grab for title or power. It did leave in my mind a lasting concern that Shimano (嶋野) used political means to circumvent the concerns of his teacher.”

“During the transmission ceremony Soen (宋淵) made it very clear that he wanted the Zen Studies Society sangha to call Shimano ‘Eido-shi’ (栄道 師) not ‘Eido-roshi.’ (栄道 老師) Up to that time he was known as Tai-san.  Soen Roshi (宋淵 老師) seemed very concerned about the ‘shi’ (師) vs. ‘roshi’ (老師) titles and repeated it more than once and gave an explanation as to why.  Briefly, Soen (宋淵) explained that Eido (栄道) was still young and that Roshi (老師) meant ‘old teacher.’’

“My sense at the time, putting it into Western employment terms, was that Soen (宋淵) wanted to make it clear the ‘promotion’ was ‘provisional.’”

“Shortly after the ceremony, Shimano (嶋野) let it be known, informally, that he wanted the sangha to call him ‘roshi.’ (老師)  He claimed this was because the large donors wanted to give to ‘roshis.’ (老師)

[See entry of: 09/15/72]



Danish Translation


Erklæring af Denko John Mortensen - Eido Shimanos fjerde dharmaarving:

Egely Kloster - Taikyo-Ji

Ny 'stil'

Skrevet af Denko, Tor, 19/05/2011 - 10:06

"Jeg er nu officielt blevet elev af H. E. Kilung Jigme Rinpoche, en Nyingma Lama og Tulku."

"Et Dzogchen retræte med ham har allerede radikalt ændret mit syn på buddhistisk praksis. Dette vil indebære, at vores stil i Egely Kloster og RZBS ændres en hel del. Meget er allerede ændret - kom og oplev!"

"Vi vil så snart som muligt afholde en 3-dages sesshin, hvor den nye stil bliver fremlagt og diskuteret. Meld venligst tilbage, hvis du er interesseret i at deltage - og i så fald hvornår du kan. Dette retræte vil være yderst vigtigt for vores fremtid."

"Alt dette er for at gøre vores vej så komplet og 'korrekt' (iflg Buddhismens grundtanker) som overhovedet muligt. Mit største ansvar er ikke at 'snyde' jer."




An Announcement by Denko John Mortensen – Shimano's Fourth Dharma Heir:

Egely Monastery - Taikyo-Ji

New 'style'

"I am now officially a student of Kilung Rinpoche, a Nyingma Lama and Tulku."

"A Dzogchen retrete with him have already radically changed my perspective on buddhistic practice. This means that our style at Egely Monastery and RZBS is going to change a great deal. Much is already changed - come and experience!"

"We will as soon as possible conduct a 3-day sesshin, where this new style will be presented and discussed. Please let us know if you are interested and, in that case, when it will be possible for you to attend. This retreat is extremely important for our future."

"All this is in order to make our way as complete and 'correct' (in regards to Buddhism's fundamental principles) as possible. My highest responsibility is not to 'cheat' any of you."

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