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Japanese Translation

伝光 ジョン モーテンセンの告示 ー 嶋野の4番目の嗣法:

エジリー僧院 - 泰居寺


”私は正式に、キルング リンポシュ、ニインマ ラマとトウルクの弟子になりました”。

”ゾウグチェン僧院における彼の教化により、私の仏教修行の全景は大きく変わりました。 これは、エジリー僧堂とRZBSも同様大きく変化した言うことです。 既に著しい変化が見えると思います — 来てご自身で経験してみて下さい!”

”私達は出来るだけ早く、三日- 接心を行い、ここでニュースタイルを紹介し、共に討議したいと思います。 もし興味がおありでしたら、貴方にとって参加の都合の良い日時を当方までお知らせ下さい。 この僧院は私達の将来にとって非常に重要なのです。"

"これら全て、私達の道を出来るだけ完璧で正しい(仏教の基本であるという意味において)ものに築くためなのです。 私の最高の責務は貴方がたの何れをも欺かぬということです。"




A Letter from Sherry Chayat to "Dear Sangha."

"After deep reflection on all the painful events, discussions, responses, and decisions that have occurred over the past year, which have led to rifts and fragmentation of our Sangha, I have requested that the Board of Directors bring in a professional mediator who can help us in a process of open listening, which I feel is the only way we can begin to heal and restore trust."

"It is my profound wish that we bring this about, so that we can go forward in a positive way both at Dai Bosatsu Zendo and at New York Zendo, creating an atmosphere in which openheartedness, kindness, and mutual respect are integral to authentic Rinzai Zen practice, in keeping with the compassionate and noble teachings of the Buddha."

"A first meeting with the mediator, between Eido Roshi and members of the Board, occurred in early May. A second meeting with Dai Bosatsu Zendo residents and the entire Board will occur in early June. An all-Sangha meeting with the mediator will take place on the weekend of August 26-28, at Dai Bosatsu Zendo. (For more information or to register, please contact the DBZ office.)"

"As many of you know, the Committee for Sangha Stepping Forth, a group of 16 former and current Sangha members, met with two facilitators March 20 in New York City and talked frankly about many issues, including exploitative relationships, power dynamics, idealization, and 'spiritual bypassing,' as psychologist John Welwood has phrased it."




May 29, 2011
15 Minute Segment

Boulders stuck in the Stream of Dharma

An Excerpt from a Teisho Delivered on Sunday, May 29th 2011
by Genjo Marinello Osho. 

An analogy of Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道) as having, or being, a "Boulder stuck in a stream".




An Email from Shoteki Chris Phelan, ZSS Board Vice President to: "Dear Shobo-Ji Members and friends"

New York Zendo Shobo-ji
Yamamoto Gempo Roshi All-Day Sit

"This is a reminder to sign up in advance for the all day sit on Sunday June 5th. (doors open at 7:15 / please indicate if you wish to attend for only half day / suggested donation $30 mom[sic]-member-$20 member)"

"This also is to update that Kokan Genjo Marinello Osho from Seattle will be joining us and will be giving a dharma talk. We thank him in advance for his efforts to travel to sit and share with us. For those who don't know him, he is a a Zen Priest and Dharma heir to Eido Roshi, ordained by Genki Takabayashi Roshi."

"We are also honored and grateful to have another visit and support from Genro and Yayoi of Endless Mountain Zendo."

"This is our last formal all day of this season so we hope to see as many of you as possible."




A Letter from Former ZSS Board President Banko Randy Phillips to Present ZSS Board Member and Shimano's Fifth Dharma Heir, Genjo Marinello.

Posted to the Zen Forum International by Shodo.

“As you know I resigned from the board because I thought that Eido Roshi should take an immediate leave of absence and stop seeing students under the auspices of ZSS.”

“As you remember, during all of the many deliberations with the board Shinge Roshi would agree with the plan of action only to backtrack or reverse direction - sometimes only hours later. She does not fundamentally understand the situation and is apparently not capable of acting any other way. I do understand loyalty to a teacher but this is beyond the pale. She does not handle confrontation well and this is a situation that centers around an individual who needs to be confronted.”

“It appears that Eido Roshi has done nothing other that to try to figure a way to get back in. It appears that two old-time Shanga members (at his request) are soliciting what Sangha that is left to write letters to Eido Roshi explaining their desire to study with him. I speculate that these letters will then will be submitted to the board with the argument that the Sangha wants Eido Roshi and the board does not represent the heart of the Sangha.”

“Eido Roshi has lied about almost every detail of his coming to America and New York. He has lied by omission and by outright lie. He has had very questionable financial dealings. He has gone against the wishes of his greatest benefactors repeatedly to the point where they 'disowned' him. Soen Roshi did the same - and Eido Roshi repeatedly lied about it. He had numerous sexual scandals that are well documented. He allowed his wife to run Shobo-ji nearly into the ground with her mean vindictive behavior. When senior Sangha members (lead by myself) got him to agree to a schedule where she would slowly step down he reversed his decision within months. When the recent scandal broke he wrote a very tepid apology and then retracted it via a letter to the NY Times. He has been asked repeatedly by the current board to return ZSS documents in his possession and he has not to my knowledge acted in good faith or complied with most requests. Now he is behind the scenes trying to pull strings to get himself back into a teaching situation with ZSS.”

"Teaching is a privilege and not a right. Eido Roshi has betrayed the trust that was given to him time and time again. This is patently ridiculous. It also remains a legal liability if the board backtracks. If Shinge Roshi can not agree to this (as she has in the past) then she should remove herself. We can chart the waters ahead without an Abbot, especially one the does not understand the basics. This is not the time for consensus, this is not the time to ask your students what they want. This is the time to explain to them why they can not have what they think they want. Eido Roshi does not have the moral authority to be entrusted with the responsibility of being a teacher because he repeatedly abused this power. This is the time to show some leadership and make difficult decisions - and stand by them.”

“Please not to agree to whatever compromise Shinge Roshi comes up with. I am sure that Fujin is in the heart of all of this as well as all of the other enablers. The time for compromise is AFTER Eido Roshi shows some real honesty, change and remorse.”



Japanese Translation

前ZSS理事会、会長ばんこう ランデイ フィリップスより、現理事会員、嶋野の第5番目の嗣法、げんじょう マリナロへの手紙。

しょどうにより禅フォラム インターナショナルに掲載された。


”貴方も記憶されている事と思いますが、あの数々の審議が理事会で討論されていた時、心華老師は旧道を繰り返すか、逆行への路のみを主張していました。 彼女は基本的に現状が理解出来ておらず、私が判断した所、それ以外の行動を取る能力が無いように見えました。 彼女の師に対する忠誠は理解出来るものの、これは限度を超えています。 彼女は直面している問題に対決していないのですが、今は対決すべき個人に対して対決しなければならない事態にあるのです。”

”私の理解している限り、栄道老師は彼の旧職を取り戻そうと言う試み以外何一つ行っていません。 私の理解している限り、二人の旧僧伽メンバーが(老師の命により)僧伽は栄道老師のもとで修行をしたい希望であると言う懇願の手紙を書きました。 私の推量では、この手紙が理事会の手に渡り、その結果僧伽は栄道老師の復帰を望み、理事会は僧伽の意見を代表していないという論争に至ったようです。”

”栄道老師はどのようにしてアメリカへ、又ニューヨークへ来たかという経緯について殆ど全面的に嘘をつきました。 彼は公然とデタラメな嘘をつきました。 彼は財政問題に関して非常に疑わしい怪しげな処理をしました。 彼は繰り返し、彼の最大の後援者の希望を無視し、その結果この後援者から絶縁を言い渡されています。 宋淵老師も同様勘当を言い渡したのですが−−栄道老師は繰り返しこの事に関して嘘をつきました。 彼は数えきれない程のセックス スキャンダルを起こしましたが、是等は明細に記録されています。 彼は意地の悪い、執念深い彼の妻に正法寺を統率する権威を与えました。 私の指導になる古参の僧伽メンバー達は彼女の退職を要求したのですが、彼は間もなく実際に、全く逆の事を行いました。 最近のスキャンダルが発覚した時、彼は生温い謝罪状を表明したのですが、直ぐにニューヨーク タイムス宛に手紙を書いてこれを撤回しました。 彼はZSSの記録文書を私有しており、ZSSの現在の理事会よりこれを返還するよう再度催促されているのですが、これも無視、彼は殆どすべての要請に無視を続けています。 現在彼は再び教鞭を取るべく背後から策動を計っています。”

”教職というものは授けられて得る特権で、資格ではありません。栄道老師は繰り返し、繰り返し信頼を裏切りました。 実に理不尽な話です。 もし理事会がこの事態を放置しておくならば、法的責任を問われる事になるでしょう。 もし心華老師がこれに同意出来ないならば(彼女は過去においてそうでした)彼女は退場するべきです。 住持が、とりわけ基本の分かっていない住持など、居なくても私達は立派に仏道を進める事が出来ます。 今は意見の一致を待っている時ではなく、弟子達に何を望むかと問うている時でもありません。 今は彼らに、なぜ彼らが欲しいと思っていたものが得られないかその理由を説明してやる時です。 栄道老師は師として信頼すべき権威者の道徳能力に欠けており、その証拠に彼は地位を乱用して不行跡を働きました。 今こそ、統率力を発揮し、困難な解決を断行し − 彼らの為に立ち上がるときです。”

”どうか、心華老師が如何なる和議、妥協を提案しようとも賛同なさらないように。 他の力のある人びとと同様、婦人が是等全ての中心にあるのでしょう。 和議妥協は栄道老師が真実誠意を示し、変化し、自責を表明した時行われるのです。”




Zen Studies Society Update
By Genjo Marinello Osho

SweepingZen: the definitive online who’s who of Zen

"June 5th the Board met with Dai Bosatsu Zendo (DBZ) monks, residents and often attending sangha from 2:30PM to 8:30PM with a dinner break."

"We heard mostly how many wanted Eido Roshi (ER) to be able to do a limited teaching schedule over the next two years. We also heard from some how my recent Dharma Talks have felt offensive to them, 'slandering the father in the father’s house' sort of thing."

[See entry of: 07/16/11]

"The Board made good arguments for why ER is retired and must stay retired, with little or no chance of any continued teaching at Zen Studies Society (ZSS) because of little understanding, remorse or any real redemptive efforts."

"Shinge Roshi related that not enough people at DBZ were coming to dokusan with her. Most people responded that they either were still grieving and not ready for a new dokusan relationship or were still hoping for ER’s return, or simply didn’t want to offend ER by writing him that they no longer wanted him as their teacher (which has been a requirement up to now)."

"June 6th the Board met with DBZ monks and heard of ER’s response (or really lack of it) to a proposed joint statement with the board that asked for many concessions in exchange for some limited access to former students requesting it. This response was relayed by Shinge Roshi, but not advocated by her. Because it was clear that ER was either not willing or not capable of coming close to the steps the board outlined as minimally necessary for some partial reconciliation, it was concluded that a new statement would be drafted that reiterated the Board’s stance that ER is fully retired and will not be doing any teaching under ZSS auspices. The board also concluded that ER would not be invited to Obon ceremony, nor would the new DBZ front gate have any opening ceremony when completed. The Board also worked long and hard on a retirement agreement for ER, we are still feeling hemmed in by the unfunded 95 Deferred Compensation Agreements. A retirement proposal was developed that we hope to have ER sign at a meeting towards the end of the month, at this meeting he will also be informed that we will continue our policy of full retirement and no teaching under ZSS auspices."

"After the all day sit, I had dinner with a former senior student of ER and heard some tales of further indiscretions that exceeded 'consensual' sexual relations with students. Consequently, I have become even more convinced that we cannot have ER return to teaching in any way at ZSS."

"In other ZSS news, we have finally gotten all documents, records and seals from ER. Our lawyer has gone over them and on first few there are many discrepancies, but no indication of fraud or gross mismanagement. We are now working with a couple of accountants to try and bring both NYZ and DBZ up to a level where an ordinary audit can be done. Our treasurer, is a volunteer, doing a great job, but is not an accountant himself. Once the books are ready for ordinary audits then we will begin work on a more detailed historical review of past years. The locks at NYZ have been changed, so now there should be no unannounced meetings or activities at NYZ that aren’t part of scheduled events."

"There will be a mediation meeting the weekend of August 27th for the ZSS Sangha at DBZ. This will be a chance for all students to speak from their hearts, and I hope many who have concerns about the future of ZSS will attend. We plan to include an envisioning method called Open Space, led by Shoshana Susanne Triner. There will be no overnight or conference fee, but dana will be gratefully accepted to help cover costs."




Letter from Steven Noomen to The ZSS Board and DBZ Residents.

“Mr. Shimano’s behavior [sic] brought much shame and disgrace to himself, to his family, to Zen Buddhism in general, and to the Rinzai Zen tradition in particular. It is no longer fashionable today, but people from samurai families – like Mr. Shimano, I heard – would rather kill themselves than live with such shame and disgrace. However, much more importantly than just (!) the shame, it caused very much harm in countless ways, in the first place by obscuring instead of demonstrating the right way to live the Buddha Dharma, and thus confusing countless seekers. The Aitken-Shimano letters speak for themselves.”

“Soen Nakagawa Roshi knew about it, but did nothing. It was a grave mistake to regard him fit for the job, and he didn’t set it straight, which was a grave mistake too. He could have prevented much harm.”

“When I was at DBZ my fellow students told me that it was nothing but an exaggeration of some sensation hungry and trigger, or rather, pen happy reporter that wanted to blow up one small thing that once had happened years ago.”

“However, now it seems to me this means their minds were already heavily poisoned. The general attitude seemed to be something like: ‘You can think whatever you want, but Roshi is above all serious criticism, no matter what, because you know nothing and he is a roshi. And why should you judge or get involved at all? It is not your business.’ ”

“Of course it is my business! Very much so. If I’m there as a student, then I demand at the very least some sincerety [sic]of the one in charge. Nyogen Senzaki reminded us at his death bed “minute after minute watch your steps closely.” However, for nearly forty years Mr. Shimano stubbornly refused to see and admit his mistakes were mistakes.”

“As for myself, I feel now deeply ashamed of having been part of such a deceitful tradition. And be sure all Zen groups in Holland will know about it and I will NEVER refer to Mr. Shimano as ‘Roshi’ any more.”




Email From Peter Glynn to ZSS Board Members.

“Shinge Roshi and I just talked briefly about our June 24th meeting with Eido Roshi. The board recently has moved to a ‘black and white’ viewpoint that Eido Roshi is retired and will not be part of ZSS again. I am sure Eido Roshi's perspective is hardening as well.”

“We disagree with Eido Roshi on fundamental ethical points and his behavior, and it's doubtful we will be able to reconcile our stances and come to a mutually agreeable retirement arrangement. If nothing changes, we will soon dictate retirement terms. There will be several sangha factions, disputes, financial difficulties, and a period dissention ahead. This may be unavoidable.”

“Here are the basic points (which I've surrounded with some implementation details). If we offer Eido Roshi the following he may see this as a positive alternative to being ‘forced’ to retire and ‘abandoning’ those students who wish to continue with him. With it, we are still accomplishing the goal of his separation from ZSS, but without humiliation and rancor.”

“1. The Board publically states that Eido Roshi has retired from ZSS, is no longer affiliated with ZSS, and will not teach again under its auspices or see students on its property.  Eido Roshi and Aiho-san will sign a legally binding agreement to this effect.”

“2. Eido Roshi, Aiho-san, and the current ZSS board, will legally rescind the 1995 DCA with ZSS. We will no longer offer any form of retirement package.”

“3. In order to do this, ZSS will consolidate its assets. It will convey the property of New York Zenda Shoboji to a new nonprofit organization (to be defined, one whose mission is in keeping with the Rinzai Buddhist tradition). The ‘silent majority’ sangha can then decide how to implement support for Eido Roshi through this new nonprofit organization.”

“4. The Shimanos' Townhouse may be purchased by them from ZSS (at current assessed market value) or the future ownership securely guaranteed to ZSS, their choice. Maintenance fees may be negotiated appropriately.”

“5. The ZSS will establish its center as DBZ. An easement will still be negotiated with the Nature Conservancy and all proceeds will be used to support ZSS. The money can be used to fortify the endowment fund. With these funds we will support our new vision. We can also elect to go green at DBZ (geothermal was a specific suggestion of the Nature Conservancy, and it is a sound investment in the future).”

“The result of this agreement will be a separate nonprofit corporation, property (formally New York Zenda Shoboji), and Sangha in NYC that supports Eido Roshi, and is thus completely separate from ZSS, and no longer in an adversarial relationship with ZSS. The ‘silent majority’ sangha inherits quite a bit, both positive and negative. They will be responsible for determining ER's level of participation and his actions, as well as his financial support (including his retirement).”

“DBZ (and the 59th street Townhouse or its monetary valve) will remain with ZSS and Shinge Roshi. ZSS can focus all its energy on moving forward in a very positive direction, with a unified sangha, and with ethical and financial stability. This is something we can build on.”

“It will be terribly sad to let NYZ Shoboji go to Eido Roshi and the Sangha that unconditionally supports him, but it will no longer be identified with ZSS or DBZ. Its charter will be close to what the ZSS charter was in 2010: Support Eido Roshi and deal with all of the “feedback.’ ”




An Email From The Zen Studies Society

From: [email protected]
Subject: Celebrate Dai Bosatsu Zendo's 35th Anniversary
Date: June 13, 2011

“Celebrate Dai Bosatsu Zendo's 35th Anniversary

Please join us for Dai Bosatsu Zendo's 35th Anniversary Sesshin, which will take place July 2-8 and be led by Shinge Sherry Chayat Roshi. After sesshin closes there will be a celebratory meal at 6 p.m. July 8, followed by a concert at 7:30 p.m. featuring shakuhachi grand master Nyogetsu Ronnie Seldin. Sesshin participants will depart on the morning of July 9. If you cannot join us for sesshin you are invited to attend the celebration and concert only, dana (contributions) will be gratefully accepted. Call us to make reservations.”

“Also in celebration of Dai Bosatsu Zendo's 35th anniversary, a brush workshop led by renowned painter, calligrapher, author, and translator Kazuaki Tanahashi will take place Tuesday, July 12, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The cost is $75, including materials and an informal lunch. All are welcome to attend.”




A Letter from Yu-Shin, Tim B. Hale, Esq. to the ZSS Board of Directors

The names and identifying information for various people have been redacted from this document.

“I find the board's decision to prevent Eido Roshi from coming to Zen Studies property and seeing students who wish to see him unconscionable. The board has based their decision on slanderous website, slanderous blog postings by unknown posters, Eido Roshi's admission that he has had several consensual relations with women over the past 30 years, and the letter sent to the New York Times in defense of Roshi. This is ridiculous. Regarding the website and the blog postings they are for the most part a one-sided opinion about events that occurred more than 20 years ago written by people who are enemies of Eido Roshi. They would not be admitted as evidence in a court of law and in my opinion constitute slander. With regard to the consensual relations, I see nothing wrong with them. No pregnancies or abortions resulted from the relationships, all the relationships were consensual, and the relationships were heterosexual in character. This seems quite reasonable to me. Regarding the better sent to New York Times, I have read and see nothing wrong with it. it is simply an attempt by Eido Roshi to defend his reputation against incorrect statements made in the New York Times.”

“Furthermore, the board's conduct has been very dishonest regarding the Eido Roshi matter. The board did not ask or consult with me or the majority of Eido Roshi's students. There was no letter sent to me or other students stating why Eido Roshi was being prevented from seeing his students. The board is has used donor money to perpetuate the current state of affairs without disclosing it to the donors. Genjo Osho, one of the board members, slanders Eido Roshi at every opportunity (e.g., the Dharma Talk at Nyogen Senzaki session). Finally, the board's attempt to reduce Eido Roshi's retirement sickens me. In my opinion that the board's conduct has been immoral and dishonest and in no way befits a religious organization.”

"Let true Dharma continue."




An Email From The Zen Studies Society

Summer Events at Dai Bosatsu Zendo

Interim Residency at DBZ
July 11—September 12

"This special place that is Dai Bosatsu Zendo, which so many generations of Dharma seekers have called their spiritual home, is as inspiring as ever. Those who are practicing here, whether as residents, sesshin participants, or those coming for samu or special events, have noted that the atmosphere is both harmonious and powerful. Summer is a particularly beautiful season at DBZ, and we invite you to join us for a week, a month, or more."




An Email From Seigan Ed Glassing (Former DBZ monk & Assist. Director NYZ, ZSS Board Member) to:

Grace Schireson, Roshi
Cc: Kobutsu Malone

Attached Letter to Genjo Marinello.

Dated June 12, 2011

“I am concerned about the continued dysfunction in the society, lack of transparency, and the attachment to Shimano that some members still seem to hold.  Most disturbing of all is the discussion that Shimano return to teaching in a limited capacity.” 

“In my opinion, under no circumstance should he be asked to return to the Society, this would be disastrous. He is a liability.  The damage and pain that he has caused far out shadow whatever ‘good’ people say he has engendered in their lives.  As I told you when we met last week, it is not ‘HE’ that changed or saved your life –it is ‘YOU’ that did it, your own Dharma Nature.”

“A meeting between the Board and Shimano was held recently to discuss a new retirement agreement.  Machiavellian that he is, Shimano hijacked the meeting agenda to his own direction.  After a seven-hour mediation that day it should be very evident to the Board that he is remorseless and plotting to come back.  I’m afraid that the next step he will propose is to attempt to link his retirement package with teaching in a ‘very limited’ arrangement.  The pretense no doubt will be couched in Dharmic hyperbole - he will want to ‘complete’ his training with his Dharma heirs and senior students.  He is going to propose that the only way he will accept the change in the new retirement package (with a reduced lump sum) is if he were allowed to return to teaching in a limited way.  The limited way would just be the beginning.  I am worried that the Board in even bargaining with him may be backsliding and this is dangerous. Be aware.”

“It is obvious that he is manipulating behind the scenes, and using his remaining students (perhaps even Board members) to get his way.  This is something that he is very adept at. I have seen him do this many times in the past.  Do not underestimate his abilities.  You should not be negotiating with him or bargaining in any such way.  Communication should be done strictly between his lawyer and yours.  The time for compromise and deals has long since ended.  He has proved himself untrustworthy with his lies, unrepentant for his actions, and is undermining his very own Dharma Heirs and the lineage, which he claims to uphold.”

“Shimano has publicly retired; his teaching is now over (whether he has completed the training of his students or not - in Zen, fundamentally there is no ‘completion’).  The ZSS should now look forward to the future and to a new and more democratic society without him.”

“Repudium means, ‘to divorce or cast off’.  After twenty-five years of studying with Shimano I have repudiated him.  It was absolutely necessary and a healing thing to do. The ZSS Board may invariably be heading in this direction. You may inevitably have to consider disassociating with Shimano for the necessary healing of the Society.  I hope that you are strong.”

“I received a quote that I heard from a Board member today that Shimano was reported as saying:  ‘If I were [to] turn the advances of these women down, I would be committing a worse error than if I accepted them.’ "

“This man must not teach again.”



Japanese Translation

せいがん グラッシング(前DBZ僧、NYZ、ZSS理事会員、会長補)よりのEメール:

宛先:グレース シアソン、老師
Cc : 古佛 マローン

げんじょう マリナロ宛の書状

日付 2011年 6月 12日

”ソサイエテイ内では、相変わらず反機能的、公明性の欠如、一部のメンバーは未だに嶋野に付着し続けているなど、心配しています。 最も気がかりな事は嶋野が復帰して、制限付きで教壇に立つ事を許可する協議が開かれようとしている事です。”

”私の意見を申しますと、如何なる状況下においても嶋野をソサイエテイに復帰させてはなりません、これは災厄の原因になるでしょう。 彼には負債があるのです。 “善なる人びと“が彼は人びとの生命の中に生じた等と言ってみた所で、彼のもたらした被害と苦痛を上回るものではありません。 先週私達が会った時私が言ったように、あなたの人生を救済したのは、彼ではなく貴方自身の仏心によるものなのです。” 

”最近、理事会と嶋野との間で彼の退職契約が協議されました。 策謀家の彼は、会議事項を強奪して自分に都合の良い方向に転換させました。 この日、7時間の調停協議の後、理事会にとって明白に分かった事は、彼には悔恨が全く無く、彼自身の復帰のための計略のみだと言う事です。 私が案じている事は、恐らく彼は、彼の退職契約の一部として“ごく制限された範囲”で教壇に立つという条件を要求するのではないかと言う事です。 疑いなく彼は、仏法的誇張法を使用して“完璧な”修行を彼の嗣法または高弟に与えたいと言うでしょう。 彼は退職契約の変更(総額を引き下げる)を受け入れる為には、彼に制限付きで復帰を許し教壇に立つ事を許可すると言う提議を出すと思います。 制限付きでと言う事は、次の段階への第一歩です。 私は理事会が彼とこのような取引をする事自体、後退を意味し危険な事だと心配しています。 注意して下さい。”

”彼は背後で巧みに操縦し、残った弟子等(多分理事会の中にもいます)を利用して彼の道を開こうと試みている事は明白です。 彼はこのような事に熟達しています。 私は過去何度も彼がこのような事を行うのを見ました。 彼の力を軽視しないように。 彼と交渉、取引する事は禁物です。 両者の交流は彼の法律家と貴方の法律家に限定することです。 妥協や取引の時期はとうの昔に終わりました。 彼の嘘、彼の行為に対する後悔の無さ、さらに陰険な手段をもって彼自身の仏法継承者、血脈を汚し同時に是認の権利を主張している、彼は自ら信用出来ない男である事を証明しているのです。”

” 嶋野は公に退職しました;彼の教えは終わりました(彼の弟子に対する訓練が終わったか否かに関わらず − 禅では基本的に“終了”と言う事はありません)。 ZSSは彼無しに民主的な教団の将来を待ち望むべきです。”

”レピュデイアム(repudium)というラテン語があります、“離婚とか捨て去る”と言う意味です。 25年間嶋野のもとで修行した後、私は彼と(repudiated)縁を切りました。 これは絶対に必要な事で、精神の治癒のためでした。 ZSS理事会もこの方向に向かっているのかもしれません。 治癒のため貴方も嶋野との関わりを絶つことは避けられぬ事だと思います。 貴方に強くあって欲しいと思います。

” 私は嶋野が言ったという引用文を、現在の理事会員より受け取りました:’もし、女に言い寄られてこれを拒絶するならば、彼女を受け入れるよりも大きな間違いを犯したことになる’ ”




Japanese Translation

せいがん グラッシング(前DBZ僧、NYZ、ZSS理事会員、会長補)よりのEメール:

宛先:グレース シアソン、老師
Cc : 古佛 マローン

げんじょう マリナロ宛の書状

日付 2011年 6月 12日

”ソサイエテイ内では、相変わらず反機能的、公明性の欠如、一部のメンバーは未だに嶋野に付着し続けているなど、心配しています。 最も気がかりな事は嶋野が復帰して、制限付きで教壇に立つ事を許可する協議が開かれようとしている事です。”

”私の意見を申しますと、如何なる状況下においても嶋野をソサイエテイに復帰させてはなりません、これは災厄の原因になるでしょう。 彼には負債があるのです。 “善なる人びと“が彼は人びとの生命の中に生じた等と言ってみた所で、彼のもたらした被害と苦痛を上回るものではありません。 先週私達が会った時私が言ったように、あなたの人生を救済したのは、彼ではなく貴方自身の仏心によるものなのです。” 

”最近、理事会と嶋野との間で彼の退職契約が協議されました。 策謀家の彼は、会議事項を強奪して自分に都合の良い方向に転換させました。 この日、7時間の調停協議の後、理事会にとって明白に分かった事は、彼には悔恨が全く無く、彼自身の復帰のための計略のみだと言う事です。 私が案じている事は、恐らく彼は、彼の退職契約の一部として“ごく制限された範囲”で教壇に立つという条件を要求するのではないかと言う事です。 疑いなく彼は、仏法的誇張法を使用して“完璧な”修行を彼の嗣法または高弟に与えたいと言うでしょう。 彼は退職契約の変更(総額を引き下げる)を受け入れる為には、彼に制限付きで復帰を許し教壇に立つ事を許可すると言う提議を出すと思います。 制限付きでと言う事は、次の段階への第一歩です。 私は理事会が彼とこのような取引をする事自体、後退を意味し危険な事だと心配しています。 注意して下さい。”

”彼は背後で巧みに操縦し、残った弟子等(多分理事会の中にもいます)を利用して彼の道を開こうと試みている事は明白です。 彼はこのような事に熟達しています。 私は過去何度も彼がこのような事を行うのを見ました。 彼の力を軽視しないように。 彼と交渉、取引する事は禁物です。 両者の交流は彼の法律家と貴方の法律家に限定することです。 妥協や取引の時期はとうの昔に終わりました。 彼の嘘、彼の行為に対する後悔の無さ、さらに陰険な手段をもって彼自身の仏法継承者、血脈を汚し同時に是認の権利を主張している、彼は自ら信用出来ない男である事を証明しているのです。”

” 嶋野は公に退職しました;彼の教えは終わりました(彼の弟子に対する訓練が終わったか否かに関わらず − 禅では基本的に“終了”と言う事はありません)。 ZSSは彼無しに民主的な教団の将来を待ち望むべきです。”

”レピュデイアム(repudium)というラテン語があります、“離婚とか捨て去る”と言う意味です。 25年間嶋野のもとで修行した後、私は彼と(repudiated)縁を切りました。 これは絶対に必要な事で、精神の治癒のためでした。 ZSS理事会もこの方向に向かっているのかもしれません。 治癒のため貴方も嶋野との関わりを絶つことは避けられぬ事だと思います。 貴方に強くあって欲しいと思います。

” 私は嶋野が言ったという引用文を、現在の理事会員より受け取りました:’もし、女に言い寄られてこれを拒絶するならば、彼女を受け入れるよりも大きな間違いを犯したことになる’ ”





An Open Letter to Eido Tai Shimano from Zogen.

“I was moved to make this public appeal by the recent report from Shobo-ji.  We were told that you had tried to enter the building, using your key, and had to find that the lock had been changed by order of the Board of Directors.  Your stubborn refusal to accept the Board's injunction, treating ZSS property as your own, alas is not surprising.  But, it was an image of an old Teacher locked out of what for him is his ‘house’, the house that ‘he'd built’, left standing on the sidewalk - that image, in itself, was piercing.”

“Do you have to continue to subject yourself and, by extension, all of us to these never-ending humiliations?  When will be the end of it all for you and for Zen Studies Society? And what will be left ‘standing’, once all will be said and done in whatever manner?”

“How do you want to be remembered? What will be your legacy to all of us?  With your reputation compromised repeatedly over many years, and, seemingly destroyed to the point of the near-death of ZSS and nearly total ostracism by the Buddhist community at large - What is still remaining to be salvaged?  I believe that you do have a way to reclaim your dignity in this moment, leaving the historical record as it was, and regardless of your attitude towards what was alleged again and again.”

“Call on the Board to begin preparations for an In-gathering & Reconciliation Process.  As a part of it, convene a meeting of all your Dharma Heirs and former students. Let them begin their dialogue without your overweening presence.  Encourage the Board to seek council from other Buddhist organizations that had gone through such process. Encourage ZSS to undergo an organizational reform; without you their authority is not supported by anything valid or real.  Make your negotiations, regarding your severance package, more transparent.  It might, so hope many of us, reassure people that your entitlements will not be satisfied at the expense of ZSS solvency.”

“Consider a legal transfer of your coop apartment in Manhattan to its rightful owner, The Zen Studies Society, and confirm this openly & legally immediately, leaving no room for innuendoes & suspicions.  Start the process of transformation, then, withdraw. You are, for some of us, forever our Teacher.  Those who feel that way will continue to seek your guidance in practice.  Others will see an example of Buddhist precepts and Zen Rinzai spirit in practice.”

“We do not, any longer, wait for an explanation or an apology from you, Roshi.  But, we are entitled to be considered, while your relationship with ZSS moves to an end.”

“Wake up, Roshi!  You are a Zen Master!  Have courage in this time of inevitable change- - take a leap!  Change everything!”



Japanese Translation


”最近の正法寺の報告を見て私はこれを世論に訴えなければならないと言う結論に達しました。 私達の聞いた所によれば、貴方はご自分の鍵を使って正法寺の建物に入ろうとした所、理事会員によって鍵が取り替えられていた事を発見した。 貴方は理事会の禁止令を敢えて無視して、ZSSの地所を自分の私有物と弁えていたようですが、ああ、悲しいかな、私達は別に驚きはしません。 しかし老齢の師が’自分で建て’ ’自分自身の家’と考えていた道路脇に建っているその家から閉め出された — このイメージを想像すると強烈です。”

”貴方のみならず、この私達に迄及ぶ、決して終わる事のない恥辱に何時迄身を晒さなければならないのですか? 貴方にとって、又禅スタデイ ソサイエテイにとって何時これが終わるのでしょう? 何もかも、全てが言い尽くされ、しつくされた今、何が残っていると言うのですか?”

”貴方はどのように人びとの記憶に残りたいのですか? 私達皆への形見は何なのですか? 多年繰り返された貴方の評判は、ZSSを死滅寸前まで破壊し尽くし、貴方自身既に仏教界から葬られたと判断して良いでしょう — 残すべき何が残っていると言うのですか? 歴史的記録をそのままに、再三繰り返された申し立てにも関わらず、貴方には現在貴方自身の威厳を再生する手立てが未だあると私は信じます。”

”まず理事会を召集して集会と調停の準備をするのです。 この一部として、貴方の法嗣、前弟子達も召集して下さい。 初めに貴方の高踏的な圧力なしに彼らだけで対談させて下さい。 又、このような事件を体験した他の仏教団体から人を招いてこの会議に参加してもらうよう理事会に勧めて下さい。 ZSSに教団の改善を図るよう奨励して下さい; 貴方の不在は権威に確実性と現実性をもたらしません。 それで貴方の引退一括交渉をもっと公明正大に計って下さい。 貴方の資格、権利なるものが、ZSSの資力に叶うものであるかどうか、私達は再確認せねばなりません。”

”貴方のマンハッタンの小さなアパートを、後で嫌疑や当てこすりのないように、公式に、法にもとずく住者、すなわち禅スタデイ ソサイエテイに即刻譲渡するよう考慮して下さい。この転移を推進し、次いで退いて下さい。 私達の一部の者にとって貴方は永久に師で、そのように考えている人びとは引き続き貴方の指導を求めるでしょう。 他の者は、単に仏教徒の戒律と臨濟禅の修行の一例と見るでしょう。”


”目覚めて下さい老師! 貴方は禅マスターではありませんか! この避ける事の出来ない推移の時点で−−勇気を持って跳躍し、全てを変えて下さい。”




The Zen Studies Society Newsletter Spring / Summer 2011

Shimano attempts to re-write history yet again – see page 12:


The entire ZSS newsletter is available here as a public service to the disenfranchised extended ZSS sangha in light of the number of people reporting being dropped (inadvertently?) from the ZSS mailing list. In this ZSS Newsletter Shimano makes the following statement:

"Today, Shinmei-san [Chayat] offered a verse: From nation to nation, this Dharma lineage, which is boundless, receiving and transmitting...

In our tradition, she and I are the only lineage-holders. I have deep trust in her insight and leadership there will be no problem with this, as long as we work together like we have these three days."




An Email from the Zen Studies Society.

"Please come to Dai Bosatsu Zendo on July 2, 2011, at 2 p.m. for an extremely important announcement. Anniversary Sesshin begins that evening. If you are not planning to attend sesshin, you may depart around 4 p.m."




An Open Email from Kobutsu Malone to Genjo Marinello.

"I would like to make an open, official request for a copy of the tape of this 'extremely important announcement.' "

"It is important for the extended / disenfranchised Sangha to be able to hear and reference his words. It will be a vital element of the historical record. Please pass along this formal request to the Board of Directors."

By Telephone: on 07/10/11 we were informed that the tape would not be released.




Former ZSS Board President Banko Randy Phillips Posts to the genkaku-again Blog Concerning the "extremely important announcement" Referred to in the ZSS Email of 06/27/11.

"From what I heard today from a person who was there, Eido Roshi said that he would no longer give teisho or offer dokusan at DBZ or NYZ. He then suggested that his students continue their training with Shinge Roshi. At the very end of his address he asked for access on a limited (and temporary) basis to NYZ to retrieve personal effects. He said, 'Aiho-san and I have been locked out of Shobo-ji' - which is a pretty accurate assessment of the situation. He then called on a vote of people present who felt that he was entitled to this and asked for an impromptu board meeting with the members of the board present (to consider aspects of his limited access to NYZ). He was rebuffed by the president of the board, Soun for such a meeting."



Japanese Translation

前ZSS理事会会長ばんこう ランデイ フィリップスは、2011年6月27日付ZSSEメールに関連した”非常に重要な声明”をゲンカク−アゲインブログに投函した。

”そこに同席していた人から聞いた話ですが、栄道老師はDBZ、NYZで提唱も独参も行なわないと言いました。 その後で彼は、彼の弟子達は心華老師の下で修行を続けるよう勧めました。彼はこの演説の終わりに、彼の私有物回収のため、NYZへ制限付きで(臨時の)出入りを許可して欲しいと依頼しました。 ’愛法さんと私は正法寺から閉め出された’ − と、これはかなり正確な現状評価なのですが、その後で彼は自分にそのような資格があるか、ないか同席者に即刻評決してもらいたいと依頼(NYZへ制限付きで出入りを許可して欲しいと言う依頼)しました。 これは理事会会長により、そのような協議はあり得ないと即刻拒絶されました。” 




An Email from the Zen Studies Society.

“The following statements were made on July 2nd, 2011 at Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji, with about 45 sangha members from DBZ, New York Zendo Shobo-ji and the Zen Center of Syracuse in attendance.”

“When I took over the inactive Zen Studies Society from Dr. D. T. Suzuki, he had gone to Japan. During the transition from Dr. Suzuki's time to my time, the secretary was very happy to give to me all the documents and the corporate seal. In this case, during the past year – particularly the past six months – we all suffered. The Sangha suffered, the Board of Directors suffered, and I suffered. Unless we come to some kind of positive, corrective, and peacefully harmonious solution today, The Zen Studies Society, Dai Bosatsu Zendo and New York Zendo will all be in trouble.”

“Please do not think you are the only ones who suffered. We all suffered in one way or another. In my case, many sleepless nights continued and finally I got shingles, full of pain, which still continues. In the midst of this pain I asked, what is the best way to solve this painful situation – not only my physical pain, but the Sangha's pain? I thought this way and that, and came to the conclusion – and naturally everyone would agree – that the Dharma is the most important and it must continue.”

“In the meantime, I have received about sixty letters, telephone calls, faxes and person-to-person contacts saying, ‘Please continue to teach. I will miss you. Don't abandon us.’ I thought, this might be true, but suppose I were dying. If that were the case, these kinds of phone calls, faxes and letters would not have been written. Then I thought, it must be a kind of attachment in the Rinzai Zen tradition.”

“I have retired, but some of you may think, ‘Are there any exceptions?’ No. I will stop doing dokusan and giving teisho in a formal way. Some of you may feel uncomfortable at first because you are not used to Shinge Roshi. I have experienced this personally. When I first went to Heirin-ji as an unsui, the Roshi over there was Shirosu Keisan Roshi. Three years later, I moved to Ryutaku-ji and became a student of Soen Roshi. Their teaching styles were very different, and for a while I was ‘not together.’ But there was karmic congeniality between Soen Roshi and myself, and later I thought that my period of confusion was a gift. By passing through that confusion I became stronger. In Japan, if an old Roshi is going to retire—for either health reasons or some other reason—there will be confusion among the training monks. Some leave, some stay, some are confused...but it ends up most of the time that half of them remain and half go somewhere else.”

“I don't want this to happen at Dai Bosatsu Zendo, but if I completely retire and you don't support Shinge Roshi, the life of DBZ will come to an end. This is nobody's wish. When I think of the fifty to sixty students who wrote me such passionate letters, I feel so bad. But if I am weak now, and take them back, this will not work. So, my thoughts and my feelings are always with you, whether you love me or hate me. This is the only way we can recreate One Sangha, with harmonious togetherness. For some of you it must be quite difficult to hear such a declaration. You may say, ‘How mean you are!’ But this is the only way. This is the only way.”

“When I come here, Shinge Roshi and the residents always cheerfully welcome me. Although I don't attend sesshin anymore, and I will not do dokusan anymore – in any place – I do visit from time to time. This is my life! I gave my life to the Dharma and I hope that this can peacefully be continued here and at New York Zendo Shobo-ji. I think I have said clearly what my attitude is from now on, and beyond that, it is up to you."

“Note: Although Eido Roshi's students have previously been advised that they should write a formal letter stating their intention to continue their practice under Shinge Roshi's guidance, this recommendation is not required in order to initiate a teacher-student relationship or participate in dokusan with Shinge Roshi.”



Japanese Translation

禅スタデイ ソサイエテイよりのEメール。

”昔、無活動の禅スタデイ ソサイエテイをD.T.鈴木博士が日本へ去った後、私が譲り受けました。 ドクター鈴木から私への変遷期、彼の秘書は快く文書類、法人捺印を私に譲りました。 今回、過去一年、− とくに過去六ヶ月、私達は苦しみました。 僧伽は苦しみ、理事会は苦しみ、私も苦しみました。 今ここで、私達が何らかの肯定的で、矯正的で、平和で調和のとれた解決策を計らねば、禅スタデイ ソサイエテイ、大菩薩禅堂、ニューヨーク禅堂は難儀な事になるでしょう。”

”どうか苦しんだのは貴方だけだとは思わないで欲しい。 私達は皆何らかの状態で苦しんだのです。 私の場合、多くの眠れぬ夜が続きやがて帯状疱疹にかかりました。 酷い痛みでこれは今も続いています。 痛みの最中私は、この苦痛に如何にして対処したら良いか考えました − 体の痛みだけでなく、僧伽の苦しみ? 私はあれこれ考え、答えに到達しました − そしてこれは皆も同意するに違いないと思うのですが − 大切なのは仏法であり、これだけは持続させなければならないと思いました。”

” その頃私は約60通の手紙、電話、ファックス、又個人面接があって、“どうか教えを続けて欲しい、貴方が懐かしい、私達を見捨てないで”と言うのです。 多分これは事実でしょう、しかし、もし私が死んだとしたら、このような電話、ファックス、手紙等はあり得ない。 それならば、と私は考えました。 これは臨濟禅で言う執着でしかない。”

”私は引退しましたが、一部の人びとは“例外”を考えているかもしれません。 否、私は正式に独参も提唱も行なわないと決めました。 一部の人びとは心華老師に慣れていないため、不安を感じるかもしれない。 私にもこの経験はあります。 私が初めて雲水として平林寺へ行った時、老師は白水敬山老師だった。 三年後、龍沢寺へ移り私は宋淵老師の弟子になった。 この二人の教えのスタイルは非常に違っておりしばらくの間私は“同調”出来なかった。 しかし宋淵老師と私とは宿命的一致があり、後に思った事ですがこの頃の困惑は反って良かったと思っています。 日本では老齢の師がもし引退することになると − 健康の理由か又は他の理由で − 修行半ばの僧の間で問題が生じます。 一部は去り、一部は残り、一部は困惑します...しかしやがて殆どの場合、半数は残り半数は他所へ去ります。”

”このような終末を見たくないのですが、もし私が完全に引退し、貴方がたが心華老師を支持しないならば、DBZはお仕舞です。 これは誰も望みません。 50人、60人の弟子達があのような情熱的な手紙を私に寄越した事を思うと済まなく思います。 しかしここで私が挫けて彼らを受け入れても解決にはなりません。 私の想い、感情は貴方がたが私を愛そうと憎もうと常に貴方がたと共にあります。 これが僧伽の和合を再生させる唯一の道だと信じます。 一部の人びとにとってこのような宣言を聞く事はかなり困難な事かも知れません。 貴方は“なんと意地の悪い”と言うかも知れない。 しかし、これが唯一の方法なのです。 唯一の方法なのです。”

”私がここへ来ると何時も、心華老師や在住の人びとは明るく迎えてくれます。 しかしもう接心は行ないませんし独参も致しません − 何処にしても − 時々訪れますが。 これが私の人生なのです! 私は人生を仏道に捧げてきました。 私はここも、ニューヨーク禅堂正法寺も平和で永続して欲しいと望みます。 私ははっきりと私の今後に対する態度を述べました。 それ以上については貴方次第です。”

” 註:栄道老師の弟子はすべて、心華老師の下で修行を続ける意志である事を表明する正式な書状をしたため、提出するよう勧告が前もってあったが、これは心華老師と師弟関係を開始し又独参に参加するための必須事項ではない。” 





July 10, 2011
7 Minute Segment

The Four Views

An Excerpt from a Teisho Delivered on Sunday, July 10th 2011
by Genjo Marinello Osho. 

An analogy of Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道) as wanting to be seen as an "Old Grandpa."




Genjo Marinello Osho - Shimano's Fifth and Most Recent Dharma Heir

Resignation from the Zen Studies Society Board of Directors.

“Given our recent success encouraging Eido Roshi to be fully retired and not do any more teaching on or off campus, I feel we have rounded a big corner for the Zen Studies Society (ZSS). Therefore, I can withdraw from this board without feeling I am abandoning this organization or my commitment to True Dharma.”

“In addition, it is clear from our last Board Meeting that my position is no longer in harmony with the majority of this board. I feel that in order for ZSS to deeply heal and grow in a way that will allow a genuine opportunity for former students to return and the real possibility of cultivating new students, at least a moderate break from Eido Roshi’s presence on campus is necessary. I also believe that Eido Roshi should not have rooms or space devoted to him for his use on either property, and I’m frustrated that after six months of retirement neither of his rooms have been cleared. I think that this board is taking a huge fiduciary risk by allowing highly restricted but regular access on ZSS property to someone who has such a long documented history of ethical breaches. At this point, the slightest sexual transgression by Eido Roshi on our property would be disastrous for us. Given his recent documented lack of awareness of the severity of the damage he has done, as evident by his July 5th letter to us requesting that he be allowed to lead zazen and teach Dharma classes at New York Zendo (NYZ), I think it is a mistake to allow him regular, all be it highly restricted, access to our property. I fully understand and support the ideas of installing an electronic lock with camera that would only allow access for him at times that NYZ is not in use by our sangha, but really if these are the precautions that are deemed necessary, I think it is safer just not to let him on the property at all.”

“Let me be clear that I have no interest in punishing Eido Roshi for past transgressions, and I support paying him and Aiho-san a decent retirement stipend for the rest of their lives; however, I am concerned by how difficult it has been to arrive at a mutually agreeable amount. Nevertheless, I trust your negotiations will soon conclude with a satisfactory arrangement that everyone can live with.”

“If a committee is convened at the August meeting to assist with the development of new bylaws, I will volunteer to join it, as I am still committed to assisting the ZSS becoming a membership-based organization, where at least the majority of the board is elected by the membership.”



Japanese Translation

げんじょう マリネロ和尚 − 嶋野の五番目の一番新しい法嗣
禅スタデイ ソサイエテイ理事会を引退。

”栄道老師に完全引退を勧め、以後禅堂の内外を問わず、一切教鞭は取らないという契約を纏めるに至った、私達の功績は禅スタデイ ソサイエテイを大きく好転させました。 それ故に、私はこの組織、又私自身の仏門との約束を放棄したという想いなしに、この団体から引退する事が出来ます。”

”それに加えて、この前の理事会議において明白になった事ですが、もはや私の存在は多数の理事会員との和合を保つ事が出来ないようです。 私はZSSが深く治癒し、成長し、前弟子達が再び禅堂に戻る事が可となる機会をつくり、さらに新しい弟子を招く所迄の真の可能性を育てるには、少なくともある程度の栄道老師との断絶を堂内で行なわなければならないと思っています。 さらに栄道老師は彼自身の場所を堂内に持ってはならないと思うのですが、引退後六ヶ月経った現在、未だに彼の部屋はそのまま残っており私はこれに問題を感じます。 あのように道徳違反の長い歴史的記録を持つ人物に、立ち入り禁止区域のZSS堂内に、通常の出入りを許可する事は、理事会自身大きな信託の危険を犯していると思います。 現時点で、私達の場所で、栄道老師がいかに小さくとも性的違反を仕出かしたとしたら、これは私達にとって決定的に悲惨な結果をもたらします。 彼の7月5日の私達への手紙を見れば明瞭な事ですが、彼は彼自身の犯した害悪の酷さに対して自覚が全く無いどころか、ニューヨーク禅堂での坐禅、達磨クラスの指導を今もって要求する始末ですから、彼を立ち入り禁止区域と決められた場所に出入りさせる事は絶対に間違いであると思います。 カメラ付きの電子鍵を設置する案は私も完全に理解し、賛成します。こうする事で我々が僧伽を使用していない時のみ彼の出入りを許可することが出来るのですが、もしこれが必要な用心なのであるならば、私は彼の完全立ち入り禁止を決定する方がより安全な策だと思います。”

”私がはっきりさせておきたい事は、彼の犯罪を罰するつもりはなく、むしろ彼と愛法さんに対し気前良く引退恩典を支払う事も支持しています。 しかし両者の合意を得る事は難しいであろうと案じてもいます。 とにかく、貴方のこの交渉もやがて終了し、皆が納得出来る協定に落ち着くであろうと信頼しています。” 

”もし8月の集会で新しい条例を作り上げる相談のため召集がある場合は私もボランテイアとして参加します。 ZSSは会員制の組織であり少なくとも半数以上の理事は会員より選出されており、私はZSSを支持する決意でおりますから。”




Genjo Marinello, Osho - Post to Zen Forum International.

“However, even though Eido Roshi in his remarks acknowledged that ‘we all suffered’ particularly in the last six months since his retirement, and Shinge Roshi acknowledged that we all have faced pain and difficulties during this transition, neither of them mentioned the reasons for his precipitous retirement. There was no direct acknowledgement of the harm that was done to this sangha because of decades of ethical breaches by the founding abbot, not to mention the harm done to the many female students that had to suffer his advances or his requests to keep affairs secret.”

“I was not in attendance, but it was reported to me that Eido Roshi put the five members of the ZSS board who were present for the announcement on the spot by asking that he be given a key to the New York Zendo Shobo-ji (NYZ) a couple of blocks from his condo on the upper East Side of New York City. The purpose of wanting a key became very clear when the board received a letter dated July 5th requesting that he be allowed to continue to lead zazen, teach Zen classics, lead Japanese Dharma classes, and offered to nurture the next generation of students. The ZSS Board promptly said no thank you.”

“Since his retirement December 8th, 2010, Eido Roshi has resisted clearing his rooms at both DBZ and NYZ, this resistance comes from his natural desire to be a grandfatherly figure and presence at both locations that he was so instrumental in founding. Eido Roshi’s desire to let True Dharma continue is very genuine, and naturally he wants to help all he can. And if this were a normal retirement his efforts would be more than welcomed, they would be treasured. However, given the real dilemma created by his ethical breaches, the need for the ZSS sangha to heal in peace and for new leadership to have the opportunity to grow and develop it seems obvious to me that he must clear out his rooms and be restricted from being a grandfatherly presence or holding a professor emeritus status or function.”

“It is abundantly and tragically clear that he does not yet have a clear understanding of how much damage he has done to the ZSS and American Zen. Without this understanding, which even a long break may not provide, I believe his continued presence, all be it highly limited and restricted, will hinder the deep healing needed to attract new students or generate a genuine opportunity for former students to return.”

“On this point the ZSS Board disagrees with me, and because I can no longer be harmonious with their course, I have decided after deep reflection, that I must withdraw as a sitting member of this board. Therefore, I submitted my resignation this evening.”




Email from Genjo Marinello, Osho to Chobo-Ji Members and Friends.

"This may be the first and last Teisho I give at NYZ if the animosity from Eido Roshi's defenders keeps me away. I hope this won't happen, and I've kept this Teisho back because it offended some, but now that I am mostly free of that system, I see no harm in sharing it at least with all of you."

[The complete Teisho is on line here
in the following entry.]





June 5, 2011
30 Minute Full Teisho

Who Deserves to Receive Offerings?

Genjo Marinello, Osho - New York Zendo Teisho.

The June 5th Teisho delivered at Shobo-ji in New York City on the occasion of Gempo Roshi's memorial.




Genjo Marinello, Osho - Shimano's Fifth and Most Recent Dharma Heir

Post to Zen Forum International.

"I completely agree that the power dynamic can sometimes be so great between a spiritual teacher and their students, that if it is the case that the teacher is pursuing aggressively a much younger vulnerable student, such actions are so lopsided as to boarder on rape. I wish I had not heard stories like this and worse concerning Eido Roshi, but I have. If they are true, and I personally believe they are, then indeed the scars from such encounters can easily last a lifetime. I and many others defended Eido Roshi believing that his history of sexual encounters with students ended long ago, I believed, or was it deeply wished, they had. I certainly had no first or second hand knowledge of any continuing violations in the time that I trained with him before last June, but I now believe he was very good at keeping these things secret. To say I am disappointed is a vast understatement, and some of that disappointment is directed at my own gullibility."



Japanese Translation

げんじょう マリナロ 和尚 − 嶋野の最も新しい五番目の法嗣

禅フォラム インターナショナル掲載

” 権力による起動力は場合によって非常に強大であると言う事は私も全く同感で、特に霊的師と弟子との間で、師が自分よりも遥かに若い、傷つきやすい弟子に対して強引に言い寄った場合、このような行動は正に一方的で殆ど強姦と同一視して良いと思います。 私はこのような話を聞きたくはなかったのですが、更に悪いことには栄道老師を思い出させました。 もしこの話が事実ならば、私は事実であると信じるのですが、このような経験による心の傷は多分生涯癒える事はないでしょう。 栄道老師の弟子との性交渉の歴史はとうの昔に終ったものと私も他の人びとも信じて、彼を弁護して来ましたが、私が実際にそう信じたのか、それとも、私の心深くでそう望んだのかもしれません。 私は一昨年前の六月まで彼の下で修行して来ましたが、彼の引き続く不法行為は見た事も、聞いた事も無く、やっと今私は彼がいかに秘密を続けることに巧みな男であるか分かりました。 私は失望した、という言葉は余りに控えめ過ぎる表現なのですが、この失望は私の騙されやすい性格に起因しているのでしょう。”




Letter from Roko Sherry Chayat to "Dear Sangha" on the Zen Studies Society Web Site.

"After deep reflection on all the painful events, discussions, and decisions that have occurred over the past year or so, I have requested that the Board of Directors bring in a professional mediation group, called An Olive Branch. They can help us in a process of open listening, which I feel is the only way we can begin to heal and restore trust."

"It is my profound wish that we bring this about, so that we can go forward in a positive way at Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji, the New York Zendo Shobo-ji, the Zen Center of Syracuse Hoen-ji, Seattle’s Chobo-ji, and other associated practice centers, creating an atmosphere of openheartedness, kindness, and mutual respect. These attributes are integral to authentic Rinzai Zen practice, in keeping with the compassionate and noble teachings of the Buddha."

"Every single person who has been part of the Zen Studies Society family must have the opportunity to be heard. Please come and share your experiences and feelings, so that we can create and uphold a healthy and inspiring practice environment for us and for future generations."




Letter to the Zen Studies Society Board of Directors from Kobutsu Malone.

The name and identifying information of a survivor has been redacted from this document.

"The reality of the situation is that Eido Shimano and his wife have maintained the Zen Studies Society as a totally compartmentalized body since its inception under his leadership in 1964."

“The extent of this compartmentalization has been made evident by the shimanoarchive for the world to see.  You all know, from your own experience, that this is indeed the case.  None of you were aware of the true history of Mr. and Mrs. Shimano’s depredation and manipulation of the board through deliberate obfuscation prior to the public release of the archive documents on March 25, 2010.”

“The archive comprises as comprehensive a record of documentation as I have been able to assemble.  There is more out there that I hope people in the extended  / disenfranchised ZSS Sangha will come forward with to help build a more comprehensive public historical record of the Zen Studies Society than what is presently available.”

“In addition to what I have been able to document, I have been privy to a vast amount of anecdotal information that is not documented but that comes from reliable and trustworthy sources.  I am writing now to provide you with some of this information that pertains specifically to the ‘retirement package.’ ”

“What most of you are probably not aware of is that after the scandal in the mid 90’s, another ad hoc group of ZSS Board members met privately off campus to examine the possibility of taking control of the BOD in light of the presence of Board members who were of the opinion that their personal loyalty to Eido Shimano transcended their legal fiduciary responsibility to the Zen Studies Society and the Sangha.  This group was unsuccessful in their attempted 'mutiny' and the participants either resigned in disgust or were discharged from the Board.” 

“In her resignation from the ZSS Board on September 10, 1995, Frances A. Perriello, Esq. detailed the absurd implications of the proposed 'retirement package' adopted by the Board for the Shimano’s.  Ms. Perriello details the problems with the proposed 'package' and sums up the situation succinctly with these words: ‘It is my opinion that the Society cannot afford to be this generous since these obligations threaten the long-term financial viability of the organization.’ ” 

“In around 1996 I learned through a confidential source (a former Board member at the time) that one of the areas of investigation undertaken by the 'mutineer' faction was an attempt to determine the actual needs of the Shimanos for their retirement.  This former Board member informed me that in a discussion with the ZSS accountant (who was also the Shimano’s personal accountant at the time) he was informed in confidence that the Shimano’s were indeed quite well off, having some three and a half million dollars in personal assets.”

“I bring these (albeit unsubstantiated and undocumented) allegations to your attention in hopes that the present Board will cancel any 'retirement package' negotiations with the Shimanos for cause:

First:  Mr. Shimano has repeatedly, with impunity, ignored and violated fundamental ethical and moral values that have been made quite clear to him on innumerable occasions as a consequence of his behavior in the past.

Second:  Through his endlessly repeated violations, he has demonstrated time and again that he is not, and has never been, fit to perform as a spiritual leader, abbot, or chairman of the Board, of the Zen Studies Society.  It is irresponsible and illegal for the Board to even entertain the idea of rewarding a 'retirement package' to an employee who has willfully and deliberately not performed his employment requirements, who has no need of such funding and who, by forcing the issue, will cause the Zen Studies Society to commit institutional suicide.  Mr. Shimano and his wife are apparently far from indigent and in no need of any sort of retirement remuneration.  They may claim that their 'retirement package' is a contractual obligation irrespective of their financial standing – Mr. Shimano’s historic words 'none of your business' come to mind.  If such an arrogant approach is taken, it only further substantiates his irresponsible and arrogant behavior toward the Triple Gem.  In truth, the Shimano’s are fully aware of the burden that their 'retirement package' will place on the Society and that it will ultimately force the organization into bankruptcy.  There is only one term that can be applied to their holding such a position… pure, unmitigated revenge.

Third:  It is the Board’s clear duty to the Sangha, the Zen Studies Society, and the State of New York to exercise fiduciary responsibility to insure the viability of the organization over and above any misguided feelings of loyalty or indebtedness they might personally feel toward Mr. Shimano.

Fourth: That Mr. Shimano has repeatedly destroyed multiple iterations of the active Sangha through the decades including his completely illegitimate, unilateral disbanding of the Sangha in December of 1975.  Mr. Shimano has consistently blocked and sabotaged every effort by the Sangha over the decades to work toward self-sufficiency and sustainability of the organization; instead he has forced the organization to become totally dependant on himself as the sole fundraiser from primarily Japanese supporters.

It would appear that the Board might seriously entertain placing the stipulation on any further negotiations concerning any Shimano retirement package that the Shimano’s make full disclosure of their assets, including his quite substantial income in Japan every February, income from his overseas teaching in Japan and Europe, his Japanese book and DVD sales in Japan.”



Japanese Translation

古佛 マローンより禅スタデイ ソサイエテイ理事会への手紙。

”殆どの人びとは多分気付かずに過ぎた事だと思いますが、1990年の半ばに起きたスキャンダルの後、ZSS理事会会員の一部のグループが、理事会は各々の嶋野栄道に対する忠義心が過ぎるため、僧伽に対する法的責任、信託を果たしていないとして、これを善処する可能性を審議するため、僧堂の外部で特別機密集会を開きました。 このグループの反抗の試みは不成功に終わり、この集会に参加した人びとは、理事会から退職、又は解雇されました。”

”1995年9月10日、ミス フランシス A. ペリエロは彼女のZSS辞職に際して、嶋野によって提案され受諾された“引退恩典”の不合理な内容を明快に説明しています。 ミス ペリエロは“恩典”の問題点を詳しく説明し簡潔な言葉で実情を述べています:’これは私の意見ですが、この債務は教団の長期財政的生存能力を脅かすものであるという理由で、ソサイエテイはこのような気前の良い支払いをする余裕はありません’”

” 1996年頃、機密の筋(当時の理事会員)からの情報により知った事ですが、“抵抗者達”により嶋野の引退恩典の必要性が調査されました。 この前理事会メンバーの調査によれば、ZSSの会計士(この会計士は当時嶋野の個人会計士でもあった)と会合を持ち、この会計士より内密に知らされた所によれば、嶋野は驚くべき資産家でなんと3百50万ドルの個人資産を蓄えていると言う事でした。”


第一: 嶋野氏は繰り返し刑罰を受ける事無く、基本的倫理と道徳の真義を無視し、違反を犯して来ましたが、是等は皆過去における彼の行為の結果である事は当然彼もはっきりと承知している事です。

第二: 際限なく繰り返された違反の実証を見尽くして来た我々にとって、彼が神聖なる場所の指導者として、住持として、或は禅スタデイ ソサイエテイの会長として不適格であることは、もはや疑う余地がありません。 義務付け

られた職務を故意に、十分承知の上で果たさなかった雇用人に対し、そしてこの雇用人は基金を全く必要としないばかりか、この支払いを強制される事は禅スタデイ ソサイエテイ自身の自殺行為であることを考慮すれば、恩典を授与

する事自体無責任であり、不法行為であると思います。 嶋野氏と彼の妻は我々の判断した所、貧困からはほど遠い状態にあり、引退報酬等は必要としていません。 彼が引退恩典を要求する理由は、彼の経済状態には何ら関係なく、

単に契約上の債務で − 嶋野氏の歴史的常用語“お前に関係ない”が思い出されます。 このような要求を受け入れると言う事は、三宝に対する違法行為であり、彼の無責任で傲慢な行為をさらに進める事になります。 真実、嶋野氏は

彼の“引退恩典”の支払いがソサイエテイにとって如何に重荷であるかという内情は十分に承知している事であり、このため教団を破産に追いやるであろう事など彼の思慮にはありません。 唯一つ彼の心情を説明する言葉は、復讐です。

第三: 理事会の、僧伽に、禅スタデイ ソサイエテイに、ニューヨーク州に対する明確な信託責務は教団の存続を計る事であって、嶋野氏に対する個人的忠誠心、又は恩義を第一の重要事項に置く事は心得違いと言うものです。

第四: 嶋野氏は活動中の僧伽を何十年にも渡り彼の完全に違法的、一方的行為により破壊し、1975年12月にはついに組織を解散にまで追いやった。 嶋野氏は僧伽が自立へ、又はその継続への道を歩み始めると、あらゆる手段






Nonin Chowaney
Post to Zen Forum International
on July 23, 2011.

"Rev. Kyoki Roberts, abbot of Zen Center of Pittsburgh / Deep Spring Temple and my dharma heir, is a skilled and experienced mediator and facilitator. She has founded an organization called An Olive Branch, which is dedicated to the resolution of disputes within spiritual and non-profit communities. Here is their website home page: http://www.an-olive-branch.org/about "

"If you're interested, please check out the website. If you know of a Buddhist temple, monastery, or group that is having internal problems of any sort, or any other church group or non-profit organization, you might refer them to An Olive Branch. "




An Email from Tenshin Hill to the Zen Studies Society Board of Directors.

“In light of recent revelations I am deeply troubled by a number of matters:

The first is the unwillingness of the Society to decisively deal with instances where an officer of the Society has violated the organization’s ethical guidelines. I am deeply concerned with the Society’s Board of Director’s (‘BOD’) apparent attempts to provide future income to a former, disgraced officer of the Society who has repeatedly violated the Society’s ethical guidelines – and, yes, he is clearly on record as having done so.

The BOD appears to hide behind an existing 'Retirement' Agreement (‘Agreement’), as if they have no choice but to fulfill the terms of this agreement despite the facts that (a) meeting the terms of the Agreement would jeopardize the Society financially and (b) providing financial and other benefits to a former executive officer of the organization who has publicly admitted to repeated violations of the Society’s Ethical Guidelines is a patently irresponsible action for any Board of Directors to take. In other words, by doing so, the BOD is abrogating its fiduciary responsibility to the organization, the Sangha, and the State of New York.”

“Under 11 USC, Title 11, this Agreement would quickly be identified by the Court as an executory contract and as such nullified. This solution is that simple, yet the Board does not take the appropriate, reasonable, and responsible business actions. It appears to many that the BOD is either unwilling or incapable of fulfilling its obligations, both as the directors of a 501(c)(3) and to the Society’s benefactors, including me and the family and estate of its largest benefactor, Doris and Chester Carlson – and, yes, Mrs. Carlson, the daughter of Doris and Chester, is still alive.”

“The second issue is the recent discovery, through reading the online Eido Roku, that after paying membership dues to Zen Studies Society for years, it was not actually a membership organization at all. During that time, I was referred to as a Member. I have seen internal Society documents that refer to the revenue stream from these ‘dues,’ as, ‘membership dues.’ Sangha members were referred to as either, ‘Members,’ or, ‘Provisional Members.’ This slight-of-hand and lack of transparency appears to me as, in the least, deceptive, and potentially, as outright fraud.”

“The third issue has to do with the Board’s apparent inability or unwillingness to conduct proper due diligence. Members of the Society’s Board have stated that audits were performed of the finances of the Society, Dai Bosatsu Zendo, and New York Zendo, and that nothing inappropriate or illegal was uncovered. I question the accuracy of these statements, because the Board apparently never uncovered or investigated the Abbot Tani Foundation (‘Tani Foundation.’)”

“Shimano Eido is an officer of the Tani Foundation, serving in the capacity as Vice President and Treasurer, and the accountant for the foundation is Nagano & Morita of 250 East 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA. Documentation on the Foundation is available publicly. I was able to uncover a substantial set of records about this foundation, and I therefore question how the Society’s BODs overlooked the existence of a Foundation controlled by its former Chairman, especially when monies were transferred between the Society and the Tani Foundation.”

“Whether this oversight is the result of obfuscation by or is due to negligence on behalf of the Board is irrelevant. Either way, it clearly demonstrates that the current Board of Directors of the Zen Studies Society is incapable and/or unwilling to execute their fiduciary responsibility to the Sangha and the State of  New York. The only tenable solution is for the New York State Attorney General’s Office to be invited or to step in and restructure the Society in the public interest.”

“The Tani Foundation has existed since 1993, and continues to this day with assets of approximately $1.3 million and cumulative disbursements of at least $914 thousand from 1996 through 2009. The majority of disbursements have been made to organizations controlled by either Shimano Eido or another officer, Yamakawa Shogen, the current Abbot of Shogen-ji Temple in Minokamo-shi, Gifu, Japan. IRS documents (990-PFs) show Shimano Eido as the Vice President and Treasurer of the Foundation and indicate he in control of disbursing funds. The Foundation is structured as an IRS 501(c)(3) Private Foundation, meaning it must give away a percentage of its assets annually.”

“Why this Foundation should trouble you is quite simple. It has transferred at least $132 thousand to DBZ – I suspect this figure is higher as an additional $425 thousand was disbursed during the 1996 through 2000 period and possibly more in the 1993-1995 period, although detailed information on the recipients is not available from that far back. Since money has been transferred to DBZ, it should be reflected in DBZ’s books.

· If the transfers are on the DBZ books, then the Board had the responsibility to uncover and investigate those transfers during its audits. The board had the responsibility to identify the source of those funds, especially since they were transfers from one tax exempt organization to another and both organizations were under the direct or indirect control of Shimano Eido.

· If the transfers are not on DBZ’s books, then how was the money accounted for and how was it used? How did your audit reconcile the discrepancy between the Society’s General Ledger and its accounts? Having answers to these questions and knowing what is going on with the organization’s finances is an example of exercising fiduciary responsibility. Lack of oversight is one concern, but the larger concern is the possibility that the Society has been used to launder money for some purpose.

Whether these transfers are reflected in the Society’s books or not, these transfers reflect potential negligence on behalf of the Board, in the worst, they may reflect criminal activity.”

“As a donor to Zen Studies Society, I would like some answers. I asked the Board in 1998 to provide all contributors with an annual sources and uses of funds statement, and never received a reply. Now that there is evidence of money being transferred from one tax exempt organization to another, both under the control of the same individual, I fear that something inappropriate or potentially illegal might have transpired. The bottom line is, have my and other donors’ contributions been used in a manner consistent with our wishes and in line with the representations made by the Society?”

[See entry of: 02/14/01]



Japanese Translation

てんしん ヒルより禅スタデイ ソサイエテイ理事会へのEメール。

” 最近暴露され、明らかにされた内情を見て私は非常に驚きました:
第一に組織の役員が倫理条例を破った事件に関して、ソサイエテイには誠実に調査する意志が見えない事です。 ソサイエテイの理事会(“BOD”)は、繰り返しソサイエテイの倫理条例を破った恥ずべき役員に対して − そうです、記録がこれを証明しています − 将来も所得を与え続けようと言う事を私は非常に案じています。 

BODは“退職契約”通り支払う以外手段がないかの如く振る舞っていますが、(a)契約通り支払うと言う事は、ソサイエテイを財政的困窮へ追いやり、(b)ソサイエテイの倫理条例を繰り返し破り、その結果自分の非を認めた前執行官に対し恩給を支払い、更に数々の恩典を彼の希望通り与えると言う事は完全に無責任な行為だと言えます。 言い換えれば、このような契約を果たすと言う事は、BODは組織に対し、僧伽に対し、またニューヨーク州に対し、信頼と責任を廃棄するものです。”

” 合衆国法11条11令は法廷において、即座に契約事項を鑑定し、無効にします。 この解決策は非常に簡単であるにもかかわらずBODはこの適切で、道理に叶った、正当な手段を取ろうとしていません。 我々にとって明らかな事は、BODは役員達501(C)(3)及びソサイエテイの後援者達、私や家族も含めて、又ソサイエテイの最大の後援者ドリスとチェスター カールソン − そうです、ドリスとチェスター カールソンの令嬢、ミセス カールソンは未だ存命なのです、これらの人びとに対する責務を果たす事に不同意なのか、それとも無能なのでしょうか。”

”第二の問題は、オンラインの栄道録を読んでいて発見した事ですが、長年私は禅スタデイ ソサイエテイに会員費なるものを支払って来ました。 しかし実はこの組織は会員制組織ではないことが分かりました。 今日まで私は会員と呼ばれて来たのですが。 ソサイエテイ内部の文書に“会員費”の“支払い”による収入という文字が見えます。 僧伽のメンバーは“会員”又は“臨時の会員”と呼ばれています。 この − たとえ小さくとも − 公明性の欠如は、人を欺くものであり正真正銘の詐欺行為と私は見ます。”

”第三の問題は、理事会は理事会として当然の責務を行なう能力が無いか、それともその意志が無いように見えます。 理事会のメンバーは会計士によりソサイエテイ、大菩薩禅堂、ニューヨーク禅堂の財政調査を行なった結果、一つも不審、不法の点は無かったと言いました。 私はこの供述を疑います。なぜならば、明らかに理事会は谷ファウンデーションの住持(“谷ファウンデーション”)について明らかにしていません。”

”嶋野栄道は谷ファウンデーションの重役で、副社長兼会計係を努めています。 会計士はカリフォルニア州、ロスアンジェルス250東1番通りの長野と森田の両氏です。 この財団の明細は公式に見る事が出来ます。 私はこの財団に関する相当量の資料を集め調査した結果いかなる理由で理事会は前会長が支配する財団を見過ごして来たのか、とりわけ多額の金が谷ファウンデーションとソサイエテイの間を往来して来たのか、大いに疑問を抱くに至りました。”

”この見落としは単にうっかりした手落ちか、それとも理事会の不当な怠慢か。 何れにしても明らかな事は、現在の禅スタデイ ソサイエテイの僧伽に対する、又ニューヨーク州に対する信託責任を果たす事に無能/又はその意志が無かった事を表しています。 唯一つ、筋道の通った解決策は、ニューヨーク州法務長官の人員をソサイエテイに招き、調査を仰ぎ、公衆のために組織の建て直しを計る事です。”

”谷ファウンデーションは、1993年以来今日迄存続し、ほぼ$1.300.000の資産を蔵しており、1996年から2009年迄の間に累積した譲渡額は、$914.000に登ります。 主な支払いは、嶋野栄道又は他の役員小川しょうげん、日本の岐阜県美濃加茂市、しょうげん寺の住職によります。 税務局文書(990−PFS)は嶋野栄道を財団の副社長兼会計係と記しており、彼が資金の管理を行なっている事が見えます。 この財団はIRS501(C)(3)個人財団として登録されており、毎年資産のパーセンテージが支払われている筈です。”

” この財団組織が問題視される理由は簡単です。 DBZに少なくとも$132.000 − 私の推量では、追加$425.000が1996年から2000年間に、恐らく1993年から2000年の間にはさらに多くの支払いが成されたものと見られます。 唯、細部にわたる受取人の記録は、大分前の事なので分かりません。 金がDBZに向けて支払われたのであるから、当然、DBZの会計簿にこの記録が載っている筈です。
もしこの譲渡関係がDBZの会計簿に載っているならば、理事会はこれを表面化し、会計検査の調査を行なう責任があります。 理事会は基金の出所を明らかにしなければなりません、なぜならば、これらは免税組織からもう一つの免税組織へ向けて行なわれたことであり、両者とも嶋野栄道の管理によって成された事だからです。
もしこの譲渡関係がDBZの会計簿に載っていない場合、この金はどのような性質の金と見なされ、どのように使用されたのでしょうか? 貴方の会計事務はどのようにこの矛盾を調停し会計残高の金銭処理をして来たのでしょうか? 是等の問いに答え、組織内で何が行なわれて来たか、その実態を学ぶ事は今後の課題です。 見落としの誤りであるならば、これはこれで一つの問題ですが、更に大きな問題の可能性も考えられます。 ソサイエテイが金の運搬取引に利用されたとも考えられるからです。

禅スタデイ ソサイエテイの施主の一人として、私はこの答えを要求します。 1998年に理事会に対して全ての後援者の名前と年収、その行方の一覧を請求しましたが返答はありませんでした。 金が一つの組織から他の組織へ譲渡され、両組織とも同一人物によって管理されている場合、これを推察すると何やら不適当な事が行なわれているように思われます。 もしかすると、違法行為が行なわれているかもしれません。 要するに、私や他の寄付者の献金が私達の希望通り、またソサイエテイの意図を代弁して使用されていたかどうか? さらにこれは、従業者のソサイエテイに対する寄進として相応しいものであろうか、という組織側の質問にもなります。”





Internet FAQ Archives
Online Education

Listing for The Abbot Tani Foundation

250 East 1st Street, Suite 1200

Los Angeles, CA 9001

Abbot Tani Foundation

Employer Identification Number (EIN):            330506841

Name of Organization:            Abbot Tani Foundation

In Care of Name:            Nagano & Morita Cpa

Address:            250 E 1st St Ste 1200, Los Angeles, CA 90012-3828

Activities:            Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.

Subsection:            Charitable Organization

Ruling Date:            06/1993

Deductibility:            Contributions are deductible

Foundation:            Private non-operating foundation

Organization:            Corporation

[Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.?]




IRS Form 990-PF

Filed in 2001 for the Abbot Tani Foundation.
EIN # 33-0506841

List all officers, directors, trustees, foundation managers and their compensation:

Eido T. Shimano      VP / Treasurer
333 E. 69th St. #3J
New York, NY  10021 Compensation: -zero-

Hirokazu Yokoyama / Tokoji Temle Secretary
20-31 Yokosuna Hon_Cho, Shimizu-shi
Shizuoka, Japan Compensation: -zero-

Shogen Yamakawa / Shogen Temple President
872-2 Ibuka-cho, Minokamo-shi
Gifu, Japan Compensation: -zero-

Total Net Assets 2001: $1,414,587.00




IRS Form 990-PF

Filed in 2002 for the Abbot Tani Foundation.
EIN # 33-0506841

Total Net Assets 2002: $1,407,777.00




IRS Form 990-PF

Filed in 2003 for the Abbot Tani Foundation.
EIN # 33-0506841

Total Net Assets 2003: $1,305,261.00




IRS Form 990-PF

Filed in 2004 for the Abbot Tani Foundation.
EIN # 33-0506841

Total Net Assets 2004: $1,287,536.00




IRS Form 990-PF

Filed in 2005 for the Abbot Tani Foundation.
EIN # 33-0506841

Total Net Assets 2005: $1,250,336.00




IRS Form 990-PF

Filed in 2006 for the Abbot Tani Foundation.
EIN # 33-0506841

Total Net Assets 2006: $1,256,853.00




IRS Form 990-PF

Filed in 2007 for the Abbot Tani Foundation.
EIN # 33-0506841

Total Net Assets 2007: $1,261,747.00




IRS Form 990-PF

Filed in 2008 for the Abbot Tani Foundation.
EIN # 33-0506841

Total Net Assets 2008: $1,241,381.00




IRS Form 990-PF

Filed in 2009 for the Abbot Tani Foundation.
EIN # 33-0506841

Total Net Assets 2009: $1,250,208.00

[See entry of: 2011 ]




National Association of Realtors Listing for 1939 W. 162nd Street, Gardena, CA. This Address is Given in the Abbot Tani Foundation 990-PF Forms Above for Two Recipients of Funds, Taiu Ogura and the Rinzai Zen Temple of LA.

The Funds Reported Transferred to the Above Address Total $178,066.00 Over a Fifteen Year Period.

Property Features

Year Built: 1954
9 Bedrooms
4 Bathrooms
Approximately 2,691 Sq Ft
Lot size: 8,690 Sq Ft
County: Los Angeles

Financial History

Last sold on 1/19/2007
Last assessed at $150,375 on 2010




Adam Fisher, Personal Journal Entries from 1976.

"On Friday, Dec., 12, 1975, there was a closing ceremony held at Sho Bo Ji temple in New York. The ceremony, marked in the past by the acceptance of provisional students as full-fledged members, was top-heavy with an unspoken concern about Eido Shimano's lately-revealed liaisons with and mistreatment of female students. The provisional students got scant notice. Noting the month-long closure, Shimano let it be known that none of us should consort with each other during the break. Previously it had been announced that all members would no longer be members but would have to reapply for membership before returning to the zendo in January. The atmosphere around the zendo was full of confused, wounded and angry consultation and speculation. During the break, there was even talk of finding a way to throw Shimano out."

"ER [Eido Roshi] talked first. His tone at first was apologetic, though he never said 'I'm sorry' aloud. The 'matter' had caused dissention. The 'matter' had diverted some from the practice of zazen, the central importance at the zendo. Just this morning he had been able to talk to Soen Roshi for 2 or 3 hours and clarify many issues. He said some of the stories were 'not true.' He said that some facets of 'the matter' were 'quite frankly none of your business.' He said he would be away more in future -- at Dai Bosatsu. He said he was leaving matters at Sho Bo Ji to Sylvan, Jochi, Margot Wilkie, Dogo and Wado. -- 'though of course, I am still abbot and will be consulted on larger problems.' He implied he and Aiho were airing issues a little."

"This morning, Pete was in high dudgeon. I called to say that if someone really wanted to know corporate structure, it should be public record."

"He felt ER had sowed confusion by saying some of the stories weren't true. 'People just hearing about it for the first time will probably dismiss it all,' he said. (Jean Bankier commented last night that if some of the stories were untrue, some were true.) Pete felt ER had given up nothing. He was also angry with Soen. 'He just talked to him (ER) yesterday when he promised to do it two months ago. He said that if ER didn't confess everything he (ER) wasn't a man. Now he talks about California sesshin. Who cares about sesshin?! It's irrelevant. It doesn't address itself to the issue at all!' "


"At Kasey's last night, I looked around the table. For the moment, everyone was silent. 'We're all back where we were,' I said, 'everyone figuring out for himself what he wants to do.' "

" 'It doesn't clear the air at all,' Pete went on today. 'Nothing's really resolved.' "

"Looking back at those faces, I think he's right. The top of the boil was scratched, a move to bring a reaction, but the pus has not yet flowed."

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